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Jan 27th 2018

Peshawar Cantt - KPK..Pakistan

Boot Polish.

A heart breaking incident can take place anytime, anywhere provided of course if you have a HEART.

This is the story of a few moments in the life of a Boot Polisher-( Shoe Polisher)-.

I was getting my shoes polished when a young mother walked by with her son. The boy was eating an ice cream cone but did not want to finish it. The mother took the Ice Cream cone from the boy and handed it to the Shoe Polisher. The Polisher held it till the woman had left and then threw it in the gutter behind him.

I asked him why he did that and the expression on his face HIT me like a ton of bricks. Here I was supposedly an educated person completely missed this incident where one human being showed utter contempt towards another human being less fortunate than them. I felt rotten and angry at that woman , and then the Shoe Polisher said-

“ Disrespect and contempt are not easy for me to digest . The woman by her action showed contempt towards me just because I am a poor Shoe Polisher “

I used to know him as a Young Pushtoon from the Tribal Area making a living by polishing shoes. At the end of his working hours, he would go to Capital Cinema and watch Bollywood movies starring Dilip Kumar. He had collected a few photos of the actor which he kept next to his Polish Box.
This old man with a short scraggly beard was sitting next to the paint shop in Chowk Fawara in Peshawar Cantt.
But today when I went there, the photos of Dilip Kumar were not there. Plus he had a Beard which he did not have before.

I asked him about the photos of Dilip .
The Polisher became quiet, looked around and did not say anything.
So I asked the same question again.
With sadness in his eyes he replied-

“ Religious People started telling me that I was old and that I should go to the mosque and pray and go to Haj rather than having movie actor’s photos next to me.
So I took the pictures home and grew this beard so that people would stop bothering me. I have not done the Haj as a Shoe Polisher does not earn enough money and Has os for Rich people anyway. As to praying, well I do not pray as I am too busy cleaning and polishing other people’s shoes. Too bad that I do not have a way that I can polish their SOULS also “ end of quote.

I asked what else .

He replied “ When I get done with earning a living, I go back to my home and sit next to those photographs for a few hours, remember all the movies of Dilip Kumar that I used to watch. I do not know computers and cannot afford such things so the only way for me to see those movies is through closing my eyes and letting my imagination flow. and then I go to sleep.”

I had to ask him one more question before I left.

I asked him why did he watch all those Dilip Kumar movies?

The Polisher got up gave me my polished shoes and said “ You ask too many questions. I am tired and old. Besides what good would it do for you to know the answer to that question”

I thought for bit and then asked the same question again.

He replied “ Dilip Kumar used to bring me ALIVE when I watched his movies .
Dilip Kumar expressed my emotions in a manner that I could not do myself.
After a time, when I watched him in the movies , he sort of became a friend who was kind and compassionate to me and my life. He became my inspiration and has helped me survive this cruel world in which I have had a long miserable life of a shoe polisher. I just wish we could POLISH the souls of men and women and bring a shine to them like Dilip Kumar brought to me “