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I have left the movement. Why do I wish to go public with what went on....?

Because I feel that what we have been thinking and discussing amongst the top leadership of the our movement should become known to those that consider themselves opinion makers and the common man in the city streets and villages of this country.

What do I hope to achieve?

I have left the movement because I am tired with the lack of decisive action on the part of our leadership.
If you think that only the current political leaders in Islamabad are not effective and not capable.....
think again our leadership is as ineffective as the politicians of Pakistan are .

Well, let me get started. First I would like to express my views are on the subject matter. What exactly am I upset about and why did I leave the movement.

I left because the leadership was unwilling to adopt a clear cut well defined policy.

I and some of my friends had wanted to set a time limit to achieve the stated goals of the organization.

Our stated goal is the establishment of an Islamic State by whatever means necessary.

It was our contention that we should use all our resources with full force quickly.

The leadership was unwilling to accept our recommendations and once I became convinced of that I left the movement since I felt that I had failed.

If we pretend that my recommendations accepted by the leadership and I had been placed in command.
What would I have done?

It is not possible for me to divulge everything but I can provide the basic outline of our thinking.
First let me identify the issues.

Number one, there are people in position of power today in the country who must be gotten rid of or removed from power.

On that everyone is agreed.
The difficult question is how and in what manner.

The leadership wants to wait till these people self-destruct either before or after the new elections. Our contention was that time is short and we must quickly eliminate these people meaning planned assassination on a grand scale.

We did not feel that it would be enough to eliminate for example one or the other politician.......but to liquidate them all and everyone associated with them including but not limited to their associates.
You might ask are you serious?

I thought some would say something like that and start having the usual stomach pains of human rights and some such nonsense.

Try to understand that I am trying to explain about a situation that developed to a certain point and was then rejected by the leadership of our movement.

I was saying that we needed to identify the issues. I have mentioned the first issue that needs to be dealt with.

Well, let me ask a few questions before I go any further.
Do you agree that people in leadership positions today are utterly corrupt -(and their associates)- are the big problem?

If you agree, then how do you remove them from the equation. One might mention elections which the crooks can and will buy-(they have plenty of money) election is not the solution.

Would you like to send them to Dubai or England or Canada where they can continue to enjoy all their stolen money-(of the nation)
You say No then we agree.

Now what do you have against getting rid of them permanently?
That was one of our recommendations rejected by the leadership.
We made specific suggestions as to the means.

I suggested that we should make a plan to carry out our operation in less than 3 days at different times of the day by which 80 % of these people are liquidated.
In addition we suggested that we identify each and every corrupt person in each neighborhood and and knock them off the same day.
So by the end of one week we have at the very least gotten rid of the 80 % of the rubbish.
Not only that we have carried out a cleansing but we have made a communication to the people at large that we are a power to be reckoned with and that we mean business. We had in fact planned all the logistics and details of such an operation.

No one I repeat no one would even know till the hammer hit the nail and by then it would be too late...
Oh yes you might say the army will oppose us; well we have our people in army the majority of whom not only agree with what I am saying but would have participated in our operation.
The first problem had been identified and a proposal to deal with it was made.

What is the second problem?

Dishonesty and corruption and where does one start.
Our suggestion was that we should start with the back bone of the economy and those that form that back bone that is the business community or the shop keepers.

I suggested to the leadership that if we are to tackle corruption, we must stop it first in the everyday life of the citizens.

We would get control of the supply chain-(whole sale distributers) and find out the actual cost of things.

Then whosoever is found to fleece the public will be shot in public the very same day and their property and assets confiscated, sold at auction right there and the money placed in the treasury. Their body would hang on an electric pole till only the bones remained. The same would apply to the hospitals, doctors, and any other businesses.

You may say we do not have the power and we do not have the logistics to carry out all of that in a country of 120 million. And yes that would be correct about logistics.

So then why we make this useless proposal?

Though it is true that we do not have the resources and we certainly do not have the power but that is where we came up with our solution which made sense.

With these same limited resources that we do have, we have exploded so many bombs in so many places throughout the country in a disorganized and indiscriminate way without any planning or strategic thinking. With the same limited resources we have attacked army, navy and air force bases including GHQ etc.

So it is true that our resources are meager but we do have enough to get the job done.

What our group had suggested was that we ought to get very specific in not only targeting but in timing and the selection of the targets.

We said we should liquidate as many corrupt people as we could as quickly as we could. We would start with one area skip over to another far off place and so on.

We would begin by dispensing justice to the criminals and the corrupt and showing no mercy to the bad guys, their supporters or their friends or their offspring or their families.

Once we started doing THAT instead of the current policy of indiscriminate bombings without any purpose we would get a lot more support from the man in the street...both moral and financial.

How do you know that the people will support us?

The people are sick of the carnage and the killing of civilian by-standers done due to our attacks. So if we killed those that the people hate, well the people will know we are trying to solve the problem. NO one will resist us if my plan was adopted because it is we who are on the side of the people.

For example if there is a big shot land owner who is abusing the local population and we bring that Big Shot to justice why would the people resist us. The record speaks for itself. Mullah Umar started his movement in Afghanistan by this same one incident where he dealt with a scoundrel who was abusing the local people in one area.

Do I have to teach you history too?

One may say that in my plan the solution for every problem is instant death penalty.
When one says death penalty does not work is not only wrong but one is indulging in deception and that too by design by making such false statements.

Death penalty works, has always worked and it works in more than one way.
For people who are one dimensional thinkers they just decide that because of instructions from their intellectual masters of the West say it does not work so like all parrots they just keep repeating this mantra again and again till they convince themselves that it is so because they say so.

No, death penalty certainly works. Let me first give you a few examples.

Aurungzeb became emperor of all of India and ruled for 51 years because he gave death penalty to that heretic brother of his Dara Shikoh.

Now did it work...yes it did and it had in the succession struggles of just about all the Islamic rulers including the Khilafat E Usmania of Turkish Empire.

The use of death penalty to deter crime-(of murder)- it is said it does not work.
That is false too.

It is designed for the majority of commoners and works for sure when it is justly applied in an effective manner considering the TIME factor. This means that once a capital crime is committed , within a week or so the crime is established and the criminal killed where the public is made to see the punishment. It is true that death penalty will NOT completely eliminate murder or rape other such crimes but will reduce it to the level it is possible to reduce.
Plus it also works in convincing the populace that the state is serious about law enforcement and dispensation of justice.

But here the topic is not and I do not wish to get into an argument with you about the death penalty. I am trying talk about the recommendations we had made to our leadership. We had discussed in detail and made recommendations about the tactical matters of our continuing battle against the mercenary army. What I had pointed out specifically had to do with decentralization of command.

By that I meant that we should create self-supporting armed units all over the country with independent actions designed and taken by those units.

The top leadership turned that down.

Why did they turn it down?

I do not know the real cause or causes but I have a guess.
They did not want to lose control of policy making.

Plus they were also worried that one or more units may become too powerful and challenge the top leadership.
In any armed conflict........the first thing you must consider is security of the operation.

If you have had detached independent units, it is that many more security problems for the mercenary army but for us that makes us much more secure esp.: when it comes to the freedom to operate, select targets both in space and time. It will be next to impossible for the mercenary army’s spies to find out what is being planned and where. As things stand there are spies who can find out what is being planned and who is going to carry out the operation. So the enemy can follow the trail and most of the time get to those who are going to carry out the action.

In case you think this is rocket is not......this is the fundamental principle of modern asymmetrical warfare from times immemorial.

What else the top leadership stopped you from doing?

Another proposal that we had made was selected specific assassinations of the political and administrative leaders who were known to have abused the common good.

For that we needed to put in place an organization to gather information about these targets. I was allowed to do the first part.

Once the information was complete, I made two suggestions for the operation.

To liquidate these individuals en mass in one day at the same time. This had the main advantage of security of the operation itself but there was the problem of size and resources. For example if we were to liquidate 2000 people, we needed at least 10 people for each liquidation that is 20,000 people which we do not have. We do not even have 1000 committed well trained operatives.

The second option was to space the operation using the dimension of TIME and SPACE meaning that we would carry out the liquidation in one area wait for a week or so and then carry out further liquidation in a place far away from the first place.

Both options were rejected by the top leadership as they through it would use up all the current resources available to the organization.

I tried to argue the case with the top command but it was obvious that they had made up their mind and my recommendations were dead.

I made one more suggestion which I thought was of great merit but they turned that one down too.

What I told them was that we should play a pro-active role in deciding who can or who should not speak in the public rallies and jalsas. I felt that we must deprive the politicians their ability to speak to large gatherings. The method I suggested was simple. Ten people would on a signal fire ten rockets at the public meetings center where the politicians were having a political meeting. This can be done very effectively by mounting the rocket launchers on pickup trucks so that they can fire and forget.

If we did that a few times, all the politicians would run away from politics and leave the field for us.

But this too was rejected by our leadership as being too radical.

When I asked them why they thought so?

The reply was that it would needlessly antagonize the various politicians in power today and force them to take strong actions against the movement.

I made a specific suggestion to tackle two problems at one time.

The solution was for solving the problems of Crime and law enforcement on one hand and the cleansing of the political system on the other.

We would create an information gathering network where any and all crimes such as murder and rape would be reported to us. The same day we would investigate and confirm the facts through our network of agents in the police and the intelligence officials and once confirmed, we would carry out retribution the same day. The retribution would consist of the punishment prescribed by Islamic Sharia. This would create a great deal of good will for us amongst the people for solving their problems in a timely fashion. In regards to the political system, we suggested a very simple system of selective liquidation. A sort of surgery for quick removal of cancerous growths on the body politic of the nation. I was looking at the situation in the country both from a law enforcement point of view and from a political and ethical stand point too.

Well, my views were dismissed and no recourse was allowed and once I came face to face with the situation, I felt a little sad and depressed for a while. Finally I came to the conclusion that I was not needed and I made plans to leave. I had to do that quietly and very carefully so that I could escape with my physical being intact.
I do not see the coming of an Islamic State soon though that is the ultimate aim.

I do not see the end of corruption in the country.

I feel that the organization as a significant military and political movement has lost its soul.

Does it seem that I am depressed?

I am disappointed like every person who is prevented from doing his best for a just cause. The just cause was the establishment of and Islamic state with our own social and cultural ethos and in our lifetime.

Those that are in the pay of the West are not interested in those aims.

What I found out that neither were those at the helm of our leadership.

One might like to ask that how on earth did I think that the people will accept me and my views after all the indiscriminate violence our movement would have put forth as a matter of policy.

That question shows that lack of intellectual depth.

And that one is not paying attention to what I have been trying to explain.

Our movement has for the last 9 years carried out many operations or as you call it terroristic acts.
That has not had any specificity of targets either in the political or military scenario.

I would describe it as actions taken without any objectives.

We had tried to make our leadership understand that the resources were not being used in an efficient manner and that we could be a lot more focused both in military and political sense. I am going to try once again to explain to you as to the “HOW” first and then the “WHAT.”

Let us again take the example of Karachi, where you have a situation where the common man is being held hostage every day by the operatives of the political parties otherwise in an alliance. This has been confirmed by the Supreme Court also.

Every day killing and murder, robbery are the norm.

Everyone will agree with what I have said so far.

A great deal of the violence is caused due to TURF battles between those that are the big land lords and the rich and the downtrodden and the destitute.

Everyone complains about these super rich people, their arrogance and their abuses towards the poor.
So here is how we would have dealt with that.

First we would put in place an intelligence gathering system which will provide us accurate information about who did to whom. That would take 2 days.
Once we had that, we would grab the culprits, and shoot them in public and then hang their bodies on the electric poles till the vultures had picked them clean down to the bones. In 2 days, all the violence will stop.

The WHAT would consist of uprooting the political and mafia organizations from their very roots and we will remove all the complaints from the various communities that might be the cause of such mafias obtaining legitimacy of sorts.

More death and more cruelty and more harsh treatment. Is that all we have.

No but when you have a cancer you have no must cut it out and it is only after that you can give radiation treatment to destroy the rest of the cancer cells.

The reconstruction of a corrupt disrupted society must begin first with removal of those that are the cause of the corruption and who have benefited from it.

After that one can think about making a good start towards implementing an Islamic Sharia based egalitarian society .

If you are have nothing to worry about. You can walk the streets of Karachi at midnight with all your gold and not have any worry that someone will rob you.

But if you are corrupt.......well, then your time is limited because we will catch you and once we will have less than 24 hours before you meet your maker.

Do we ever think about who gives us the right to do all of this.

The only sovereign is God Almighty and his edict is the Islamic Sharia. We will enforce the Sharia and that is what gives us the right.

In a Muslim country obtained for the establishment of an Islamic State, that is what gives us the right.
One assumes that we do not know about the other revolutions of this world. We have studied not only the French, but the Russian, the Chinese and the Iranian revolutions....... and the attempted but failed revolutions of days gone by....and much more in depth than one might think.

In the French and the Russian revolutions........the Idea guys or the thinkers were replaced by stupid morons and the revolutions were high jacked so to say...........why ? because the Idea guys were not decisive and tried to be humane ,considerate, and compassionate trying to follow rules of fairness and due process that they had other words they lacked the courage of their convictions and were not harsh enough to weed out the bad guys quickly.

If Robespierre had listened to the urgings of Marat and St. Just and guillotined Baras et al or if Lenin or Trotsky had shot Stalin et al...those revolutions would have achieved their goal....which was to change the whole world.
They missed the moment because they hesitated and the results you know.

What I had recommended to our leadership was contrary to that.

Like the French and the Russians, our leadership has also opted not to follow what we had suggested.
The end results here will also be the same.

So we have lost which means that all our struggle will come to nothing.

What Stalin did or what Mao Zedong did they did it for two different political reasons. In Stalin’s case, he was an insecure incompetent person who did it to assure his stay in power.

But Mao did it in a very specific manner and it made China the super power that it is today. Mao did it to gain TIME to carry out the revolutionary reforms that he wanted to.

In Islamic History. Let us suppose that instead of Umar Bin Khattab, Hazrat Usman had become the second Khalifah after the death of Abu Bakr or had become the first khalifah after the Prophet’s-( PBUH)- death.
Do you think the conquest of Iran and Egypt would have taken place in the same manner?

I shall leave with few more questions.

What would have occurred if after the murder of Hazrat Umar..Hazrat Ali had become the khalifah instead of Hazrat Usman?

Or if at Karbala the people of Kufa had risen and Imam Hussein had defeated Yazid and his corrupt forces
Try to think. Analyze the character and personality of the men.

What you must keep in mind is that in Critical Moments of time-(of history) intellect, courage and decisiveness are the key elements of leadership. And that means single mindedness .

All the great leaders of the world have shown that they had those qualities in spades and everyone knows the characters in this theater so there is no need for naming.

One should live a life with meaning. With an ideal to pursue.

To live a life without meaning is not to live at all. I am glad that I have tried to live my life with a meaning which is to struggle towards the creation of an Islamic State and I shall continue to with that till I die.

You may be trying to say that you thought we were uneducated and fools brainwashed by the Mullahs.
So, first our thoughts on the state govt. which has been brought forth by the elections held in 2008.
The State govt. or for that matter the Provincial govt. are all illegitimate.

How can I say that. Everyone knows that they came through the elections.
Your respect for my intellect is spellbinding!

The Supreme Court ruled NRO null and void Ab Initio - that means from the start. The election was held under the NRO so according to the Supreme Court’s own decision the election was illegal. So how can anyone accept the election to be fair, just and legal?

I will tell you how.

The directive came from the USA and everyone including the Supreme Court said YES SIR.
But that does not make the election legal. There are a lot of other things I know about that election but we are not here to discuss the election so let us go ahead.

I have not said anything specifically about the president, the prime minister or the others in the state govt. What do I think of them.

I have answered that question. These corrupt crooks simply should not exist.

I have always thought that they are like hired prostitutes in pay of the West to harm the people of the state and enrich themselves.Their record speaks for itself and therefore I do not need to make any more comments.
What do I think of the news media? They ARE very well paid prostitutes in the field to make lots of money for their owners And who are the PIMPS you might ask.

Just imagine if in the days of ancient Greece, the whores were making policy and placing their sordid ideas as the Greek philosophy instead of Socrates , Plato and Aristotle et al. Or the whores ruled Sparta instead of Lycurgus.

The TV news media and the print press are the stealth secret agents of the West, they are here as their propaganda machine by use of words and images. They sell their programs by ENTICING men by showing them the bottoms and breasts of hardly dressed women.

Am I being too harsh? No but It is an interesting question. The leadership of the movement also said the same thing. But my answer is an emphatic NO. I know that common man gets influenced very quickly by the use of images.

Just look at the female news casters on GEO , Express, Dunya etc etc.It is like looking at whores in a brothel talking about the holy scriptures. Look at the magazines, brochures and so on. In short, esp.: the young people are being bombarded with alien propaganda in the form of dress, nudity, rock music, pornographic literature and so on.

That is the reason why we had presented out plan to our leadership as TIME is very short and this cancer needs to be removed quickly.

What do I think of the supreme court ?

They are the worst of them all.

In this world the criminals and culprits are to blame but the ones who bear the main responsibility are those that could fix things but did not.

The supreme court falls into that category. They declared NRO null and void but they on purpose allowed the criminals and crooks to take power instead of declaring them illegitimate.

To have the courage to make decisions that will determine the future of the country is not for the gutless cowards who hide behind legal technicalities while shunning the truth about the future of the nation staring them in their ugly characterless faces.

There is one more thing.

The Supreme Court not did not do what they should have done but they betrayed the trust that the people had placed in the Chief Justice.

And my thoughts on the judiciary.

Islam is a complete system. The Islamic Sharia leaves no room for the system that is in place in the country today.

It was and is an alien system imposed by the British.

Yes there is a segment of profiteers which benefits from this system but that has no place in an Islamic dispensation.

The lawyers will have to go and that means all lawyers. Justice has to be local, a community based system.
Why am I against lawyers and who will replace them? We cannot have a system which allows LIARS to lie on purpose while pleading for their clients r for a fee ?

No , that is a nonstarter.

What about the health care delivery system?

Being a physician is a scared trust.

Being a physician is not to be given a license to steal from those that are sick as it is today.

We would have taken very stern measures against physicians who abuse their patients and I can tell you most of them do just that. A few heads rolling is a very convincing argument to any physician or anyone else for that matter.

This is quite enough. I have said enough and that is all I am going to talk about. I am just a soldier and I have no more to add.

Strangely we did not discuss any questions about our strategy and tactics in military matters but that I am not going to do.

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