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Thieves burnt alive !

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Shimatoree Senior Moderator

Feb 9th 2018

Ahmadpoor is a village west of Bahawalpoor. It has sort of acquired a reputation of sort where 140 Sub-Human people of South Punjab got burnt alive on the main Grand Trunk Road.
Here is what happened.

A tanker truck had an accident and some of the gasoline started leaking on the road side. An announcement was made in the various mosques by the religious leaders in the village that these Sub-Humans should go and collect free gasoline.
A whole crowd of people came to site of the accident and started collecting the gasoline in buckets etc. Then someone thought that the gasoline was not leaking out fast enough, so they obtained hammers and chisels and started making their own HOLES in the tank.
It just happened that someone lighted a cigaret and well- the tank exploded with a loud KABOOM. Everyone got dry-cleaned, taking a bath on the gasoline. Well the gasoline caught fire and thus around 130 plus people got burned alive with over 90 % body surface burns. The ambulance services and the Disaster Management people had no idea as to what to do. You see Bahawalpur is far away from Lahore where all the medical resources of the province of Punjab are concentrated.
So all of these patients were shifted to the local Victoria Hospital-( Plastic Surgery Ward)- in Bahawalpur.
Soon the politicians and media realised the RATING potential of this event and they came en masse to the area. The army could not afford to miss such an event.
The GOC-( general officer commanding) told the hospital staff that they were taking 40 plus of these patients, brought his helicopters and shipped them to the CMH. The Punjab govt: brought its own helicopters and shipped 62 to the Burn Centre in Multan and the rest to the Jinnah burn centre in Lahore.
All this was done by the civilian and military administrators or the Civil servants. The doctors in Multan and Lahore wanted to win BROWNIE points with the Shahbaz Sharif Administration so they went along.
Now anyone who has a 40 % plus body surface burn is unlikely to survive and within days these people started dying in droves.
All those Do-Gooders suddenly realised that the situation was going to make them look bad- so they started sending messages and e-mails etc telling Victoria hospital not to transfer anymore patients to them. This included the army. The great champion of the downtrodden people- the TV media also disappeared and so this event was ERASED from the airwaves.

Of course some one had to be found on whom the blame could be fixed. Obviously the Shahbaz Sharif govt: in Lahore and the Military were NOT responsible. You would not blame the patients who got burned even though they got COOKED while STEALING the gasoline. So Victoria Hospital was to be blamed for not having a Burn Centre . An inquiry commission was created which cross examined the medical staff at Victoria Hospital. There were some BLUNT words exchanged and the issue of South Punjab being the step-child etc was brought into open discussion. The commission was left with egg on its face with an expose of the govt’s doings. Also the army played it’s devious cards in this fiasco. The remaining patients still at Victoria Hospital who were salvageable as their burns were not severe, were to be transferred to Lahore Jinnah Burn Centre. All plans were made and then Victoria Hospital got a call that they should keep the patients as the Army had transferred the 40 or so patients that they had to Lahore. They were airlifted to Lahore and in a week all of them were dead. It is established that no hospital in Pakistan wants to be held responsible for dead patients.

It was thought best that the only way out was to shower money on the relatives of the dead gasoline thieves and an amount of 25 lakhs was sanctioned for each dead burnt and 15 lakhs for those that did not die yet. Since so much money was available, a lot of the waderas in the areas had some of their servants burnt on purpose with hot water on the leg or arm and thus collected a whole bunch of free money. Note that this money was being granted from the Big Thieves to the Burned dead thieves.
And everyone is happy ever after.
Oh yes, the Burn Centre in Multan obtained a pseudo-recognition from the Punjab Govt: with release of funds for them. It was for them( Multan Burn Centre) having supposedly saved the face of the Punjab Govt:. For that they had a visit by His Majesty Shahbaz Sharif who came and placed his hands on hastily placed white marble plaque.

One good thing did come out of this incident. The govt: placed a regulation that the gasoline tankers will be required to have a double shell. That is the requirement in all countries all over the world but here in the land of the Pure, Pakistan they had to wait for a bunch of thieves getting cooked alive to do the obvious