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ThePakPolitics A leading World Political Forum- ThePakPolitics.com International Politics Forum in PK Politics, Pakistan 2014-11-25T11:16:17+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/feed.php?f=30 2014-11-25T11:16:17+03:00 2014-11-25T11:16:17+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1169&p=9180#p9180 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: The signs in the Heavens! 28]]>
As things stand, I hope we all now see the necessity for Pakistan to acquire the bomb and to arm itself to the teeth wherever possible.

The days of the world might be numbered, but let us go down with dignity at least, fighting till the last breath.

Statistics: Posted by Mirza Ghalib — Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:16 am

2014-06-04T08:23:45+03:00 2014-06-04T08:23:45+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=2005&p=8453#p8453 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: A wake up call]]>

Statistics: Posted by Mirza Ghalib — Wed Jun 04, 2014 8:23 am

2014-06-04T08:00:46+03:00 2014-06-04T08:00:46+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=2005&p=8452#p8452 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: A wake up call]]>
Let me clarify here that whatever the horrors occurring on a daily basis in many things connected with Pakistan, my personal optimism stems from the fact that we've managed to survive a war in which we were slated, according to my reading of the situation, to come out on the side of the losers. Another component for hope, obviously, is my firm belief that Imran Khan will lead us to prosperity someday. With the best will in the world, I don't really see what everyone finds to reproach him with. His greatest quality in my eyes is he's unique in this world and, in spite of all the pressure applied on him, he refuses to turn into the world's vision of what a politician should be like. No one else can hold a candle to him for moral qualities.

Anyway, right or wrong, only the future will provide an answer, Res. But I'll reiterate my sense of overwhelming relief that we've survived the Afghan War without complete damage. And as I write these lines, I'm unendingly glad my hometown Karachi may also be at the start of its renewal, and Zulfiqar Mirza's prophetic words regarding the British-Karachi nexus have finally been proved to be right.

Statistics: Posted by Mirza Ghalib — Wed Jun 04, 2014 8:00 am

2014-06-01T22:42:59+03:00 2014-06-01T22:42:59+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=2005&p=8448#p8448 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: A wake up call]]> It’s not our pessimism we exhibit when we discuss the prevailing hopeless situation in Pakistan. On the contrary we try to show our despair and strong wish for the betterment. As to your question, my answer is as follow. Even though I agree with you that not only Pakistan but the entire world suffers from all kinds of ills and stand at the verge of complete meltdown, a huge difference remains between our motherland and the rest of the world. Pakistan is part and parcel of the present civilization and yet stands at the bottom and makes us feel ashamed. We have surpassed all other nations in all kind of negativities. Indeed, the world will face the consequences of its actions, but none can descend down to our levels of existence and lack of morality. Even in my pessimism I believe that things can change if we get the right kind of leader, but unfortunately don’t share your optimism about your idol IK. I’ll not expand, as you know perfectly well about my point of view. Nevertheless, I’ll be more than happy to be proven wrong by history. I’m really happy to know that you see a vision of a bright Pakistan. Let no one take away your sanguinity, as it’s a blessing to remain positive in such conditions. To sum up, Pakistan is our home, where the law and order has broken down and where the chaos prevails, where people are consumed in fires of greed, envy and all other iniquities we can think of. How one can concentrate on the issues of others around, when one’s own home is set ablaze? As to your advice, yes I agree that we should try to cling to hope even there is only a flickering sparkle.

Statistics: Posted by resurrected — Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:42 pm

2014-06-01T21:18:49+03:00 2014-06-01T21:18:49+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=2005&p=8445#p8445 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: A wake up call]]>
I shall send you an e-mail as to where I am as I am not where I usually am.

But getting back to the life of Samurai…( committing HARA KIRI)………here we go with some mindless Meandrings

Your quote…….

" So my question goes: is it only Pakistan that arouses your ire and leads you to painful introspection or is the geographical location which houses each one of you also part of your sense of futility when it comes to meaningful changes for humanity." end of quote.

When the world burns……………..the world BURNS…………….but when my own HOUSE burns then it arouses my Ire and it certainly should.

One super- religious Pakistani asked me yesterday as to why I liked and admire Jinnah so much as it almost amounted to some form of worship which is Haram.

As you may imagine…………..that got steam coming out of my ears , smoke coming out of my nostrils and of course where there is smoke….fire out of eyes……………if LOOKS could kill…………...

I informed the man that Jinnah was a self made man with intellectual honesty and integrity.
When I was little and poor-( economic undulations)- I worried as to how I would ever get educated and where the money for my education would come from…………..at that time it was Jinnah whose one old photograph inspired me every moment of every day of every month and every year.
Yes Jinnah for me is and has always been the BEACON of every hope there is and every yearning that I have had. In my life he has functioned as an eternal spring which has supplied me with the strength to do the right thing even though when it certainly meant that in material terms I would lose…………..and even after losing I have never felt that I did the wrong thing.

So why the IRE about Pakistan………….why the HELL not.

What else is there……………if one loves and one cares only then one gets mad and I am certainly mad as HELL and will continue to be as long as things are not done right.
We deserve and it is our right to have things done right…..it is a matter of Justice.
Nawaz Shareef and his cronies, Zaradri and his henchmen, the Bogus religious politicos, GEO, the former CJ etc etc are and have been Un JUST to us.

Why should we not get mad ?

And why should it have anything to do where we might be.

Statistics: Posted by Shimatoree — Sun Jun 01, 2014 9:18 pm

2014-06-01T17:15:04+03:00 2014-06-01T17:15:04+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=2005&p=8444#p8444 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: A wake up call]]> Statistics: Posted by Mirza Ghalib — Sun Jun 01, 2014 5:15 pm

2014-06-01T16:55:25+03:00 2014-06-01T16:55:25+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=2005&p=8442#p8442 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: A wake up call]]>
I'm not going to catalogue the various things that have upset you all of late. You are absolutely right to condemn the barbarism of much which is being practised in Pakistan. But what about the glimmers of hope? Or are they too faint to be perceived? Anyway, in my really optimistic moods, I most definitely believe Pakistan has a brilliant future ahead of it. It is a country rich in myriad ways. Now it is simply a question of finally realising its immense potential. Will it be able to do so after all? I think it will. My reasons to think so can be summed up in two letters: IK, a man whose integrity I trust even more than I do my own. I don't doubt you'll not agree with me. But from my point of view, the man has not let us down so far. And I doubt he intends doing so in days ahead.

So, Friends, temper pessimism with a dash of hope and see whether it makes you feel at all better. If not, there's still the future ahead of us which will indicate whether the diehard pessimists or the diehard optimists judged the situation with greater clarity.

Statistics: Posted by Mirza Ghalib — Sun Jun 01, 2014 4:55 pm

2014-06-01T13:01:41+03:00 2014-06-01T13:01:41+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=2005&p=8441#p8441 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: A wake up call]]> You have pinpointed something very existent and your question is genuine. I’m impressed with the input of Shim who looks at the whole issue in a cool, logical manner and tried to address it as politely and nicely as it is possible for any of us.
Azaan, is nothing but an invitation call, a pronouncement that it’s time to pray. If we heed this call or not is up to us, the caller just does his duty. So the answer is that Azaan is meant to touch only those who are interested to respond to it. The others can remain untouched and can keep sleeping as their subconscious will quickly learn to adjust to the sound and ignore it. As far as use of loudspeakers is concerned, I have been deadly against such use/misuse and believe that we easily can remove this nuisance without any danger of annoying God. This should be just allowed in large mosques, where hundreds of thousands people pray together and even there just during the limited time and use. I have been to other Muslim countries and to my surprise no loudspeakers were allowed there in mosques, especially not in such tiny mosques as is done in our country. As a witness and sufferer of this constant affliction, I don’t see any purpose of this modern instrument, which is counterproductive. Even Quran prohibits the vulgarity of being loud in ones prayers, as God is capable of knowing the secrets of hearts.
There are so many faiths in the world, so many different paths to tread and so many approaches to deity and yet fools in all faiths insist to be the bearers of the true doctrine. These so called chosen ones are deluded and ignorant, ever ready to persecute others with dissident ideas. You are right that killing in the name of religion is horrible, but I agree with Shim that killing in any name is horrendous act and should be condemned. As far as claims are concerned, we should learn to counter these lies, wherever possible. Such liars aren’t doing any favor to their beliefs or to their creator, but are here to serve their own false egos. These people aren’t confined to religious groups alone, we can find such imposters in all corners of the world and present in all kinds of professions. Yes, you are right that ignorance can’t breed anything but falsehood and our society has grown tall in this arena. The question is what we can do to counter this darkness. Honestly speaking there is little one can do to change it, as the evil flows in our veins like a poison and no antidote is available. I’ll stop myself here, if I don’t wish to be falling in the category of blasphemy. Tolerance, my friend, is the answer of our many ills, but who will teach it to ignorant people? Our preachers are all busy spreading hatred and collecting riches and gaining power. Our great friends and brothers like KSA and Iran are fully occupied providing money for sectarianism and dissension for agenda of their own.
To sum up,
We need a renwal, a revival and for that purpose we need some great personality who can accomplish this great task of teaching old truths to the brainless masses. Do you believe such a thing is possible in our decadent times?

Statistics: Posted by resurrected — Sun Jun 01, 2014 1:01 pm

2014-06-01T03:21:22+03:00 2014-06-01T03:21:22+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=2005&p=8440#p8440 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: A wake up call]]>
1. On the issue of Azaan.
If we are to accept a legal system that was put into words 1400 years ago-( and it was)- then I find it very hard that the Mullah biradry wants to use the modern loud speakers to call the Muslims to prayer.
If the message is good( and it is) and convincing to those that have to hear it………well that may be OK but anyone and everyone that I have spoken to………want to go back to the days when loud speakers were NOT in use.
If you live in a Shia neighborhood in Islamabad-( and I have spent quite a bit of time there during Moharram)-…………and I am not SHIA .you are provided a LOUD Speaker Barrage that just leaves 4 hours in 24 when there is some semblance of quiet.
One does not fail to notice that the number of mosques are increasing and the number of those that are supposed to pray are decreasing.

I keep falling back again and again on my HARA KIRI dagger of Intellectual Honesty……….but ain't nobody listening.

Honor and blasphemy killing are no different than killing for political aims or mass killings carried out by the West in Iraq and Afghanistan or killing in the name of Nation or some such.
If anyone is thinking about stopping this………..then they must think of every human being as their own self……………a sort of…..THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD GO ….I.

Being a Muslim should NOT give me any more privilege than any non Muslim.
In my own life I have tried to teach this one thing to my children and in spite of fierce resistance from the other quarters.
The matter of killing is an expression of Holier than Thou.
What is the need of the hour is to stop all this stuff about I am better than you . Until and unless we do that………….well if we do not do that we are DEAD.

The big question is who is capable of doing it?
The answer is not those who are followers of the new God JUM HOOR YUT..

Cancer surgery is needed and that means blood and radiation and chemotherapy…..and all those things are BITTER Pills to swallow.

Anyone for QUINNINE ?

Statistics: Posted by Shimatoree — Sun Jun 01, 2014 3:21 am

2014-05-31T15:45:27+03:00 2014-05-31T15:45:27+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=2005&p=8435#p8435 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: A wake up call]]>
Res; every morning people are 'woken up' by 'azaans' emanating form every street and people trundle along to the nearest mosque. My question is that does the call to prayer really wake them up? Living does not entail being alive. Life somehow has become a string of habits to numb the sense of time; we are in essence robots killing time.

Making a good cardiac surgeon is a hell lot harder than murdering one; this is a point lost on a sizeable number of our population. Ignorance breeds like rabbits and if you do not believe me watch some day time TV. You get to hear some of the most outrageous statements of ignorance been sold as knowledge. People claiming that research has shown this or that but unable to give any references for their research. The other day a lady was claiming that scientific research has shown that eating porks causes a person to be become vulgar. She did not say which university had produced this research and the anchor of the programme dutifully listened and endorsed this. Another 'herbalist' was claiming that he had found the root cause of cancer but again was unable to say where he published his findings. There is so much ignorance in our schools and in our media that the whole country has nearly become genetically predisposed to consuming ignorance.

The point I am struggling to make is that we are fed such crap from an early age that by the time we reach adulthood we stand no chance of producing an original or objective thought. Honour and blasphemy killings is the clearest indication that we lack the ability to ask rational and objective questions. The so called leaders we have feed us the same orgiastic lies and then rule us like emperors.

As Hasan Nisar aptly says; you can keep running pork through a mincing machine; you will only get pork from the other end.

Shimatoree Sahib might be right; "The very first thing that needs to be done is acceptance of other belief systems including Science. If that does not take place-( and it is not)- accept that we are DEAD and Finished."

Statistics: Posted by stingingnettle — Sat May 31, 2014 3:45 pm

2014-05-27T14:29:05+03:00 2014-05-27T14:29:05+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=2005&p=8413#p8413 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: A wake up call]]> Coming back to the current political situation in Pakistan, strangely our thoughts are closer to each other than I could have anticipated. I have always been following my own heart and convictions and therefore have no particular hero. My Hero is going to be the one that can deliver without a fail, no ifs, buts or other excuses. He should be pure, brave, but also competent enough to face the challenges and understand the needs and timings. You see, the successes and failures depend on recognizing the offered opportunities, acting in accordance and in being resolute. A too early or a too late action may turn even the most probable victory into an utter disaster. The good general, leader or a reformer needs to build the momentum and should know when to strike, it’s like a blacksmith who knows about his objects and their molds while he strikes with exact force. Does IK knows that his all agitations will prove futile, if he fails to motivate the crowds? Does he really believe that he can win a legal battle against NS through corrupt and impotent courts? Our Judiciary, is despicable and will remain so till we educate our people and prepare them to execute justice and follow truth in all eventualities. IK has to come out of his confusion and should determine his goal,he simply can’t shout “ foul” and yet remain part of the system. He should demand midterm elections if he is convinced that there has been a rigging in the last year’s election and that his mandate has been stolen. There’s no excuse for his determination to sustain the PML - N government. Imran seems to have missed he public mood and is too cautious in his actions. He is optimistic about getting there, but knows not that he can be robbed once again by some cunning person like TUQ who knows how to ride the sentiments of the multitudes. I’ll not elaborate more, perfectly aware that you understand and can easily enlarge further. The question of religion is more difficult than it appears at first glance. One can grasp it at all possible levels ad thus the need for different paths of approaching the subject. We may discuss it some other time and see if there is any real conflict between science and religion following. In my humble pinion even this aspect has to do with the kind of education we get. I sincerely believe that there aren’t any absolute truths in regard to our spiritual journey and therefore we must caution ourselves in judging our fellow beings for their beliefs. It’s between the Creator and his creation, so we should never persecute others for their true or false doctrines. If I’m astray, then I’m even the loser, isn’t it the case? Unfortunately, we need few million years to learn and develop, before we can understand even the microcosm that is a man, not to speak of the greatest mysteries of all, the Creator and his mind or message.

Statistics: Posted by resurrected — Tue May 27, 2014 2:29 pm

2014-05-27T03:06:38+03:00 2014-05-27T03:06:38+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=2005&p=8411#p8411 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: A wake up call]]>
I just could not resist commenting after I read………………..quote " The most interesting thing is

that majority of our people remain unaware of these happenings. " end of quote.

A better way to put it would have been " Our people are UN AWARE of anything "

Ref: http://pkpolitics.com/discuss/topic/a-lost-opportunity.

To admit FACTS that go against our own whims, beliefs, traditions and interests requires a commodity which is in very short supply……………….COURAGE combined with Intellectual Honesty.

I was wrong in saying..SHORT SUPPLY…………what is accurate is NON EXISTENT. Me, you and others who write here or anywhere else do only one thing………….self psychotherapy……….and that is all we can do.
I am not saying we should not but let us face it………….nothing is going to happen if Nawaz Shareef or IK or anyone else starts reading Thepakpolitics.com………….why………well you have described it rather well.

Where a wife fights with her husband -( using pseudo-religious grounds)-when the husband wants to have a Dog as a pet………..and I use this rather silly example on purpose…………how can you expect them to think in terms of science or I consider that they might have an iota of intellectual honesty.
No, the reason as to why we are where we are is because of our belief system. When you assign the Almighty all responsibility and absolve yourself of anything and everything………shall I continue…………..!

Just look at the political spectrum……….Nawaz Shareef , TUQ, Zardari and his idiot kid, Mullah Diesel, Hafiz Saeed and so son.

I am sure you read about the Cardiac Surgeon who was killed just because he was an Ahmadi….the fact that he used his own money to built a Cardia Surgery Hospital to help the people is MOOT.

When you consider Science….the first thing is DOUBT everything, check it out, experiment, evaluate the evidence and then accept the results.
In Pakistan, everyone has legitimacy derived from THEIR religious beliefs………..and they have the right to murder anyone.

The very first thing that needs to be done is acceptance of other belief systems including Science. If that does not take place-( and it is not)- accept that we are DEAD and Finished.

Statistics: Posted by Shimatoree — Tue May 27, 2014 3:06 am

2014-05-25T12:02:26+03:00 2014-05-25T12:02:26+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=2005&p=8406#p8406 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • A wake up call]]> People of this Utopia are perfect example of “Blind, Deaf and Dumb” mentioned in the Holy Scripture. They live and breathe like all the other beings and creatures in the world, but are more special than many other nations. These people are usually good natured and do indicate presence of spiritual light in their hearts, but this luminosity is remote, weak and ineffectual that it can’t be even named as a light. It’s more indicative of potentiality than of physical nature. People of this land are so blinded with the glamour of their times that they have lost all the touch with the realities around them. They weave the futile and vain dreams of material nature and yet feel pushed further and further down towards the bottomless pits of material hells. These unthinking beings are the citizens of darkness, where hope, decency and dignity have long ceased to exist and yet they sit idly and wait for some redeemer to come and deliver them from their miserable conditions. Have they learned the necessary lessons, we may ask ourselves. No, is the clear answer, as we can easily recognize the intensity of the material wishes burning in them, a glowing fire that consumes them all the time. Is it wrong to strive for better living, we may wonder. No, not at all, we are material beings with physical needs and therefore our hankering for comfortable living is fully justified, but we cross the line when we erase the differences between right and wrong and give in to our desires to such an extent that we start following our evil tendencies. The science tells us that in universe there’s nothing but Energy, even the grossest bodies are just energy when these are broken. So this universe is nothing but interplay of energy, where negatives and positives are ever actively changing the landscapes, creating and disintegrating myriads of bodies all the time. This particular part of the world, where we dwell, is dominated by certain negative energies at this point in history. It’s these forces that form and determine our conditions of living. The most interesting thing is that majority of our people remain unaware of these happenings. There are few that are conscious about these but are either powerless to resist, or are too lethargic even to speak of them. Fully aware that just by our fruitless efforts, we will not be able to turn the blind, deaf and dumb people to grasp the reality; we will not stop from pronouncing the truth. The caller is just supposed to sound the invitation, if the others heed it or not, is not his concern, so we will utter the truth, just as a duty given by the conscience. The present article series will not follow some chronological order or some other patterns; it will touch upon any subject that concerns our national life and thus will emphasize the need for an awakening. It’s time to leave the slumber behind and open the eyes and see what goes on around us, as that’s a must if we wish to change our bitter realities.

Statistics: Posted by resurrected — Sun May 25, 2014 12:02 pm

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Thank you for your brief visit. I await your return.
This is especially for you.

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Yes, you are right, I am less engaged with the sad political development ever since we were robbed of a needed change.
Remember, I may be away from this forum for a while, where wonderful friends like you remain waging a hopeless fight with incredible valor, but my heart and mind are always with you guys. Never doubt that I can betray the noble cause of ours.
I’ll be back soon.

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And how will we achieve this success alone without you who have disappeared since May 2013?

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Hope, clarity, perseverance and mainly the sense that today's struggle means tomorrow's victory have once again begun coursing through my veins. We might not make it after all since failure is always an option. But it will not be for lack of trying, that no. My great gratitude to the Professor who knew that before assuming any role society may have thrust upon us, our first task is to be a caring, determined, uncompromising human being.

My spirits have soared skywards this day. I thank you.

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2013-05-30T03:39:58+03:00 2013-05-30T03:39:58+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1473&p=6787#p6787 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • To Lift Your Spirits!]]> In the shattered mindset following the PTI debacle in the Pakistan elections, this brought tears to my eyes and I wanted to share it with my friends on this Blog.

Quote "

"While preparing my remarks for commencement, a good friend told me not to worry. “After all,” he reasoned, “nobody is coming to hear you speak, nobody wants you to speak very long, and nobody is going to remember what you say.”
There is a great deal of wisdom in my friend’s words. Twenty five years ago, I sat where each of you are sitting and although I remember a great deal about the day I graduated from this law school, I can’t tell you who the commencement speaker was, much less anything he or she said.
The reason commencement addresses often fail is the speaker forgets who it is all about. It is about you, the class of 2013, and all the thoughts and emotions pulsing through your veins. To this end, and with the sincere hope this may help one or more of you, I’d like to share the ten things I wish I had heard from my commencement speaker so long ago.
First, and foremost, don’t be afraid. Unlike other commencements, law school graduates often temper their celebration with the knowledge the bar examination is close at hand and, if we do not succeed there, we fear this graduation day, and all the work of the past three years will be for naught.
To some extent, this fear is a good thing—it will no doubt spur you to study harder than at any point in your life. As a result, most of you will pass the bar. Those of you who fall short will make it on the second try. In a worst case scenario, you will learn that you have been prepared not to be a member of the bar, but to work in some other profession, a profession for which you have great passion and for which your law degree will nonetheless help you in ways you cannot yet imagine.
All the graduates who have gone before, all the ghosts of commencements past, are speaking to you today. And we are urging you not to be afraid and to celebrate your graduation with the joy you have earned.
Second, look for and then seize your defining moment. A quarter of a century ago, most of my graduating class, including me, did not yet have a job and were uncertain what our calling in the law really was. Even those of us who thought we were certain would learn in the years to come that we were wrong, that there was an area of the law we had never heard of and for which we were ideally suited.
In my years at Hamline, and on my day of graduation, the thought of becoming a prosecutor, much less a child abuse prosecutor, never crossed my mind. I took a job as a prosecutor not because I wanted to be one, but because I wasn’t confident my parents would let me live with them forever.
Two weeks into my career, I was asked to litigate a termination of parental rights case. The most poignant moment of that trial occurred when a young social worker was grilled by the defense attorney about all the things he did wrong in the case. One of the things he did wrong was to remove a baby from the home which, under Minnesota law, only a police officer can do. When cross examined this way, the social worker began to cry and said simply, “the baby was covered with maggots.”
Before that trial, I didn’t know we lived in a country where babies can be covered with maggots. After that trial, I knew the rest of my days would be spent as a child protection attorney.
It may not be as dramatic or come as quickly, but each of you will have a defining moment in the years to come, a moment that tells you this is what you were born to do. When that day arrives, and if you seize that moment, the present anxiety about your future will melt into the peace that comes with knowing you have found your place and are ready to leave your mark.
Third, remember the “headline rule.” All of you have studied ethics, all of you will be tested on this subject, and then all the rules you have memorized will be quickly forgotten. That’s OK. The vast majority of ethical conundrums you will encounter are not answerable in any of the rules. In order to survive, in order to live with yourself, you need only remember the “headline rule.” Whenever you are uncertain, simply ask yourself, “If my action were on the front page of tomorrow’s paper, how would I feel?” If public disclosure would not bother you, the action is almost certainly appropriate. If not, you should probably make a different choice.
Fourth, you can change the world from anywhere. There is a myth that you need to be in a state or national capitol or at least a large metropolis or large law firm to have a real impact. This belief is refuted by even a cursory reading of history. The reformation was conceived in the tiny town of Wittenberg. Brothers bearing the name “Mayo” did things no other doctors of their era dared--and the rich and famous and powerful came to the small town of Rochester to behold the possibilities. I was a prosecutor in a rural county of 13,000 people but we implemented child protection reforms that put us on the national stage and have been replicated throughout the United States. I’m part of Gundersen Health System and, in the decades to come, the pioneering work we are doing on adverse childhood experiences will make the cure of polio seem inconsequential.
Simply stated, it is not where you are, but who you are that matters.
Fifth, if you want to think big, you need to think small. Not only can you change the world from anywhere, it may be easier to change the world from a small community or small law firm. The bureaucracy is more manageable, change comes more easily, and the lack of resources in smaller circles requires creativity. If I had gone to a big city, or a big law firm, or a big prosecutor’s office, I wouldn’t be speaking at commencement today.
Sixth, the education you have received at Hamline has fully prepared you for the battles ahead. As a young lawyer, I prosecuted a well to do criminal who hired the best Harvard educated lawyer his money could buy. My Ivy League opponent showed up at the preliminary hearing with an assortment of family members and other unseemly characters that had previously refused to talk to the police. In putting them on the witness stand, the defense attorney gave me the sort of free discovery that is often unheard of in a criminal case. By the time I was done cross examining his witnesses, I had turned a good case for the prosecution into a great case. My friend from Harvard lamented “I just gift wrapped a conviction for you, didn’t I?” I told him he should have taken Joe Daly’s trial advocacy course at Hamline University School of Law.
Seventh, find your faith. Through no fault of Hamline, I lost my faith at law school. Rigorous academic thought seemed incompatible with religious belief. This left me alone to face a sea of children who have known only the fearsome side of life. Ironically, it was these very children, many of whom were abused in the name of God, who brought me back to my knees. When beaten boys and raped girls find feeble prayers sufficient to face another day, it becomes harder to question the possibility God exists and that he dwells among the suffering. I wish I had known that sooner.
Eighth, success comes at a price. If you invest yourself fully, you can make a lot of money, advance quickly, or fulfill your wildest idealistic fantasies. I did all of this and more—but it came with a cost. If you choose a similar path, there will come a day when the pain of missed recitals, birthday parties, and anniversaries tugs at you and no accolade can replace what you have lost. This is not to say I would have done things differently, this is not to say you shouldn’t pursue you goals with all that you can muster, but it is to say you should make your decisions with your eyes wide open.
Ninth, take care of yourself. No matter how busy your life becomes, take some time for music, and dog walking, and sunsets. If you’re lucky to find someone who loves you in spite of your faults, cling tight to him or her and, should you ever be given the honor of speaking at the commencement ceremonies at your alma mater, turn to your spouse, as I’m turning now to my wife, Lisa, and thank her for sharing your elusive dreams.
Tenth, know that, with your graduation today, your family has grown immeasurably. When you survive law school together, there is a bond among your classmates that is unlike any other schooling. I am confident that many joys are just around the corner and that you will want to share them with one another. At the same time, I know that life brings gray days. The class of 1987, the class from which I graduated, has known its heartaches—divorces, diseases, even death.
Should sorrows come your way, think back to the classmates who got you through the scariest moments of law school, and who otherwise helped keep your life intact for the past 1,000 days. Wherever you go, whatever you experience, these friends are just a Facebook page away. If your classmates are like mine, they will befriend you not only through social media but in real life and even in the darkest moments.
The time has come now for me to sit down and for each of you to stand up, to stand up and receive your diploma and to take the first step in a great adventure. As you take this step, and every subsequent step, always know that the faculty and administration of Hamline, and all of us who have loved this law school, will be watching from a distance. We’ll be watching, and we’ll be cheering you on.

More comments later.

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In case of Pakistan, inequality may be hereditary after all. So much for what the mullah has been screaming at us from the pulpit.

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Firstly the notion of heriditary inequality versus achievement-based inequality as the authors put it reminds one very much of the debate we're holding in Pakistan at the moment, don't you think? My favourite societies, as you can imagine, were the egalitarian hunter-gatherer societies of the remote past where everything was held in common and survival depended on the participation of each member of the community. A pity, we've all turned into giant states where our only participation in the overall welfare of the state seems to consist in paying taxes and being dispensable whenever the times dictate.

Whether inequality can ever be totally eradicated seems questionable. Perhaps the next best thing to it is probably the European welfare states as they developed after World War II. Now this model is also very much in danger. Will new forms of battling inequality emerge from the most unlikely places? I'm thinking of Pakistan, for instance, which might well surprise us all under Imran Khan by turning a very unjust society into an example of relative equality. With Imran, anything is possible.

Last but not least, Hunza was mentioned in passing, but unfortunately no details were provided. A good point was made about the invention of the printing press making the evolution of the monotheistic religions impossible. And finally, a statement with which I dared to disagree, namely the Egyptian Empire which, from what little I've read about it, was not only the most successful of empires we've known so far, but also one that practised a relative form of equality since at its peak, it was wholly justice-based.

An excellent read all in all and one which will not be forgotten in a hurry.

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2013-03-30T04:58:38+03:00 2013-03-30T04:58:38+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1297&p=6127#p6127 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Inequality:]]>
The Creation of Inequality:
How Our Prehistoric Ancestors Set the Stage for Monarchy, Slavery and Empire by Kent Flannery and Joyce Marcus

By the time I’d read no more than a third of The Creation of Inequality I would have willingly knelt before the authors
....................." to touch my nose against their knees and announce:

‘I eat your excrement ten times.’ -( Pakistan's AWAM does that to Zardari and Nawaz Shareef)-

That’s how commoners on the Polynesian island of Tikopia in 1929 would have addressed their chiefs, as originally documented by the anthropologist Raymond Firth. Having read about such encounters in Kent Flannery and Joyce Marcus’s book I am left in no doubt that they are the archaeological and anthropological chiefs of social evolution to whom I must show the utmost deference. And so should everyone else, for this is a work of profound importance.

Flannery first gained status in his hunter-gatherer band of archaeologists for the work he edited in 1976, The Early Mesoamerican Village, which presented its key arguments in the form of a dialogue between three fictional but recognisable characters, the ‘Real Mesoamerican Archaeologist’, the ‘Great Synthesiser’ and the ‘Sceptical Graduate Student’. The book established him as one of the standard bearers of what was then termed the ‘New Archaeology’, and as a writer of both intelligence and wit. He used the same device in 1982, in a short article called ‘The Golden Marshalltown: A Parable for Archaeology of the 1980s’; the conversation there, between a ‘Born-Again Philosopher’, a ‘Child of the 1970s’ and an ‘Old Timer’, told me – as a new graduate – a great deal more about archaeological theory and the profession than I had learned as an undergraduate. Flannery’s Guilá Naquitz, published in 1985, was about a small cave site in the Oaxaca Valley in Mexico that had reputedly taken six weeks to excavate and 18 years to analyse. It described fieldwork in an exotic location, and used meticulous data analysis and interpretation to show how even the tiniest charred seed can help us to understand the most momentous change in human society, the transition from hunter-gatherering to farming. It seemed to me the archaeological ideal. As soon as I had the opportunity – in 2003 – I made a pilgrimage to Guilá Naquitz to see where the great man had excavated those seeds from its dirt floor.

Joyce Marcus is as distinguished in her own right as Flannery, but has become especially prominent through their joint publications, so that ‘Flannery and Marcus’ now form a single entity, as in ‘Crick and Watson’ or ‘Morecambe and Wise’. Particularly notable are The Cloud People (1983), which they edited together, and Zapotec Civilisation (1996), both of which blend archaeological and anthropological evidence to explore long-term social evolution in the Oaxaca Valley. The term ‘social evolution’ is here used quite differently from the way biologists use it to refer to the consequences of the various social behaviours displayed by individuals interacting within a single community. Anthropologists are concerned with the bigger picture: how and why did egalitarian hunter-gatherer societies transform into the diverse range of recent and present-day societies that feature such enormous levels of inequality?

So it was both exciting and daunting to open The Creation of Inequality, a huge volume that provides a global survey and interpretation of social evolution from huntergatherer societies to empires. Described as a book for the general reader, it avoids fanciful literary devices and chapters full of theory in favour of a data-rich narrative that yields insights into a multitude of societies in the recent and prehistoric past. The book takes in Africa, the Americas, the Near East and the Pacific, though it isn’t a truly global study: Europe, China and much of South and South-East Asia are absent. It is divided into four sections that deal broadly with hunter-gatherers, ranked societies, hereditary chiefdoms and monarchies, topped off by a final short chapter with the title ‘Updating Rousseau’. Flannery and Marcus note in their preface that Rousseau’s Discourse on the Origin and Basis of Inequality among Men (1754) took less than a hundred pages to argue that to understand inequality we must go back to the earliest times, to humanity’s ‘state of nature’. But then Rousseau didn’t have anything like as much archaeological data to draw on as we do, and had no more than a few anecdotal accounts of people living traditional, non-Western lifestyles. Today, we have a vast archive of anthropological studies to combine with the archaeological evidence.

Anthropologists in the 19th and 20th centuries sought to follow Rousseau’s directive. Lewis Henry Morgan wrote the first landmark work, Ancient Society (1877), in which he defined three stages of social evolution: ‘savagery’, ‘barbarism’ and ‘civilisation’; the second was Evolution and Culture (1960), edited by Elmen Service and Marshall Sahlins, which posited four stages: ‘bands’, ‘tribes’, ‘chiefdoms’ and ‘states’. Flannery and Marcus set out to address two of the criticisms made of these earlier works: first, that they imposed the anthropological present onto the archaeological past, preventing us from recognising types of social organisation that did not survive into the historically documented world; second, that the model of successive stages of social evolution carries with it the idea of inevitable progress from past to present.

Flannery and Marcus note that archaeology and anthropology have always had an uneasy relationship but that they work best when they work together: the former too often lacks detail, being subject to the vagaries of preservation and uncertain chronology, while the latter can’t show how social processes play out over the long term. The Creation of Inequality alternates its focus between the two disciplines, interpreting scant prehistoric remains with insights gained from the study of documented societies, which has shown that they are not static ethnographic entities but are in a process of long-term change. Flannery and Marcus demonstrate that there is no inevitability about the course of social evolution; indeed, across the world at the start of the 20th century, societies in which leadership was based on achievement were more common than those based on inheritance, the transition to ranked and hereditary societies having been either infrequent or unsustained.

Flannery and Marcus begin fifteen thousand years ago, a time when everyone lived as hunter-gatherers. This seems rather arbitrary, being roughly halfway between two globally relevant environmental markers: the last glacial maximum 21,000 years ago and the dramatic global warming that marked the shift to the Holocene 11,600 years ago. Although they don’t say so, I suspect that Flannery and Marcus’s choice reflects their view that there is no environmental determinant of the pattern of social evolution; neither is it possible to predict types of social organisation and levels of inequality on the basis of population densities and subsistence strategies alone, although these impose constraints on which types might come about and be sustained. The comparison between the rates at which ranked societies appeared in the Near East and Mexico following domestication of their respective wild plants is especially illuminating: in Mexico, the rate was much slower because of the larger number of genetic changes required to turn teosinte into maize than the Near East’s wild wheat into einkorn, but remarkably similar ranked societies ultimately arose in both regions.

Turning to ‘egalitarian’ hunter-gatherers, Flannery and Marcus stress various factors: the role of humour, teasing and ridicule as levelling mechanisms; how influence is won not by bullying but through generosity, modesty and diplomacy; how language and intelligence serve – and most probably evolved – to promote social networking; the absolute imperative to share. They remark how strikingly the urge to maintain egalitarianism contrasts with the jostling for power in chimpanzee societies. The explanation, they suggest, is that while apes put sex first, followed by food and then defence, the order for humans is food, defence and then sex, with marriage acting as a food-getting partnership rather than a hormone-driven sexual liaison. This is why marriage was always a flexible institution: one man one woman; two men one woman; two women one man; foursomes and so on. That said, hunter-gatherer egalitarianism is rather a sham. Flannery and Marcus argue that even the most egalitarian of them had a dominance hierarchy as clear-cut as that in any ape society. The difference is that for humans, the alpha elite were invisible supernatural beings, far too powerful to be overthrown, while the betas were ancestors who did the bidding of the alphas. No ‘egalitarian’ hunter-gatherer was ever more than a gamma in the social hierarchy.

All societies, Flannery and Marcus argue, have their own social logic, a set of explicit or implicit rules of social behaviour that archaeologists or anthropologists must grasp if they are to understand how societies function or change. Social evolution occurs only through a change in social logic. Throughout the book there are statements of what the authors believe to be the social logic of the societies they explore, ranging from hunter-gatherers to the Aztecs. (Some of us might want to avoid the term ‘social logic’ and simply use ‘culture’ instead, in the sense of an array of implicit mental precepts.)

A key development among some groups of prehistoric hunter-gatherers, requiring a change in their social logic, was the adoption of clans or lineages, each of which had its own particular relationship to a cosmology shared by the community as a whole. The presence of clans did not in itself create inequality but it changed social dynamics, thanks to the common principle of ‘social substitutability’: if someone from Clan A killed someone in Clan B, then revenge could be obtained by killing any member of Clan A, whether or not they were directly involved in the original crime. (Our urban gangs will be delighted to learn they are maintaining ancient traditions.) Ambitious clans, or individuals within clans, secured power by manipulating cosmologies to claim a closer relationship with the supernatural elite than the one enjoyed by other clans or clan leaders. Flannery and Marcus argue that this phenomenon has been pervasive throughout human history, reaching an extreme with the Egyptian pharaohs, who claimed divine status. Such manipulation wasn’t so difficult when cosmologies were passed on by word of mouth, since they could easily be modified to maintain their consistency with developments in other areas of knowledge, including technology. Not so today: Flannery and Marcus blame the printing press for the current antagonism between science and religion. Had sacred propositions continued to be transmitted orally rather than being fixed in print they would have been gradually remoulded to render them compatible with the scientific thought of Galileo and Darwin.

It wasn’t only cosmologies that were manipulated to create inequality. In their study of three documented hunter-gatherer societies from North-West America, often referred to as ‘affluent foragers’ because of their extraordinary wealth of resources, Flannery and Marcus explain how mechanisms traditionally used to maintain equality were abused so as to do exactly the opposite. Among the Tlingit, feasts and gift-giving were employed on a scale such that the recipients were simply unable to return the favours on an equivalent scale and were forced into debt slavery.

Such manipulations notwithstanding, hereditary prestige and power were rarely the result. The vast majority of communities remained ‘achievement-based’. In Part Two of The Creation of Inequality, Flannery and Marcus provide a rich set of anthropological and archaeological case studies, ranging across the world and through time, from precolonial highland New Guinea to the Neolithic of the Near East, and from the Central Andes of Peru to the Pueblo societies of the American South-West. Similar patterns of social interaction and settlement organisation have repeatedly arisen in such societies, irrespective of environment and economy. There is material evidence of achievement-based societies in the form of buildings dedicated to hold clan-based rituals, referred to as men’s houses, which have benches for sleeping or sitting, curated skulls, skeletal remains and sunken floors.

Structures of this type appear to be a consistent marker: once you know what to look for, you can identify men’s houses in the archaeological records of the Near East, Egypt, the Americas and Africa and confidently infer that they too had been achievement-based societies. But the specific relationship between the men’s house and the source of achieved inequality was variable: in some cases (among the Ao Naga of Assam, for instance) the co-members of one’s house provided a ready means of support if you were an ambitious individual seeking to accumulate wealth and influence; in others (the Mountain Ok of New Guinea) simply being allowed into the men’s house constituted a source of prestige; elsewhere (the Siuai of the Solomon Islands) the existence of a house reflected the presence of a man who could afford to build it.

Warfare and raiding between such societies were commonplace, the acquisition of enemies’ heads being a means to acquire more ‘life-force’. The Marind warriors of New Guinea, for instance, often returned from raids with their canoes brimful with the heads of their enemies. But there, as elsewhere in the world, such practices were banned by the colonial powers, so that groups were forced to adopt competitive feasting and exchange in their place – not nearly as satisfying.

In Part Three, Flannery and Marcus show how some societies made inequality hereditary. But sustaining a newly established hereditary principle isn’t easy, and even in the relatively short time-frame of the anthropological record, one can see how societies such as the Kachin of Burma have cycled between achievement-based and heredity-based inequality. Flannery and Marcus suggest that such oscillations were common in the pre-industrial world – a warning to any archaeologist who assumes a single direction for social change. They give further guidance to archaeologists by suggesting that, while men’s houses are a sign that leadership was based on achievement, the construction of temples indicates a shift to hereditary leadership: members of a clan would use a men’s house to communicate with their spirits and gods, but a temple was where such beings were thought to reside, and there a chief had privileged access to their wishes for the mortal world.

Flannery and Marcus draw on work done in Polynesia by Irving Goldman to describe three sources of chiefly power: mana, ‘an odourless, colourless, invisible, supernatural energy that pervades people and things’; tohunga, or expertise, as exhibited in diplomacy, ritual or craftsmanship; and toa, bravery and toughness, as demonstrated in warfare. These are common to many societies, if not universal, but vary in their relative importance and are especially potent when found in combination. That said, there is an astonishing diversity of human societies; Flannery and Marcus describe one with hereditary aristocrats but no chiefs, and show how prehistoric sites such as Caral in the Peruvian highlands (c.4500 years ago) fail to fit into established patterns, with seemingly contradictory lines of evidence about levels of inequality. Their accounts of the Kachin (Burma), Avatip (Papua New Guinea), Bemba (Zambia) and South Pacific (Western Samoa, Tonga) draw on and reinterpret classic studies, translating dense and somewhat arcane anthropological accounts into lively stories of social competition and change. For me, though, their great achievement is to use these to interpret archaeological remains, the better to understand social change in prehistoric communities, most notably in Mesopotamia, with its long stratified sequences covering thousands of years. They compare the spread of Halaf polychrome pottery to that of Tlingit and Haida crests (North America), Quimbaya goldwork (Colombia) and decorated vessels in Mexico, arguing that all of these were products of technical expertise that had become appropriate gifts for chiefly families; they also show how the sources of power in ancient Mesopotamia fall into the tripartite schema Goldman developed for Polynesia.


The fourth part of Flannery and Marcus’s magnum opus concerns inequality in kingdoms and empires. It starts out like a DIY manual: ‘How to Create a Kingdom’. The answer is provided by way of four detailed case studies: the Hawaiians, the Zulu, the Hunza (in today’s Pakistan) and the Merina (Madagascar). The trick is not to grow your own ranked society but to take over your neighbours’, thereby creating a kingdom via forced unification. This was never easy: typically, it would take generations of competition between aggressive leaders before one of them succeeded in gaining overall control. But when this did happen it could be rapid: Shaka, the great Zulu war leader, took only 12 years – a period of time invisible to archaeologists – to go from being the illegitimate son of a minor chief to king of the Zulu. He was a brilliant military strategist and brutally defeated his enemies, turning thirty chiefly societies into the provinces of a single kingdom. (He was also a mummy’s boy: when his mother died in 1827 he ordered that for one year no crops should be grown and no cows milked, and that no married couples should have sex; he then executed seven thousand of his subjects who didn’t appear to be grieving sufficiently.)

Flannery and Marcus go on to explore the formation of three kingdoms in the New World: the Zapotec State in Oaxaca, the Moche State in Peru and the Calakmul Kingdom in the Mayan lowlands. They find that these too came about through the forced unification of rival societies. With barely a pause, they sweep back to the Old World for a study of kingdom formation in Ancient Egypt, where the archaeological evidence is again interpreted with frequent references to elsewhere: there are comparisons between Egypt’s pyramids and those of the Moche in Peru, between its kings and Hawaiian chiefs, and between its high priests and those of the Zapotec state. Ancient Egypt, whose pharaohs claimed divine status, had one of the highest levels of inequality among the first generation kingdoms.

In their penultimate chapter, Flannery and Marcus explore the formation of second, third, fourth and fifth generation kingdoms, and then empires, formed when one kingdom took control of others. Here the story goes back two thousand years to Teotihuacan, one of Mexico’s earliest and largest cities, and leads to the Aztecs, who survived until the Spanish arrived in 1519, by way of a succession of kingdoms in the Peruvian Andes, from the Wari to the Inca, another victim of the conquistadors. Three themes are prominent in these final cases: first, how each generation of kingdoms or empires learned from its predecessors; second, how the subjugation of one kingdom by another to create an empire resulted in yet another source of inequality; and third, how the ancient hunter-gatherer ethic of generosity still had a role to play in social evolution, used as a last resort by some kings and emperors to get what they wanted.

Rather than seeking human universals or the ‘laws’ of social change, as the New Archaeologists once did, Flannery and Marcus are repeatedly ‘reminded’ of one society by another, or ‘struck by’ similarities, having ‘suspicions’ and ‘impressions’ of what might have happened in the past. In their final chapter they come clean and explain how their study demonstrates that there are five or six ways of organising a people which work so well that strikingly similar societies have repeatedly arisen in different parts of the world at different times in human history. This is a big book in every sense: six hundred pages of unrelenting description and interpretation of archaeological data and anthropological observations; big ideas about the process of social change and human nature; near-global coverage from ice age hunter-gatherers to the formation of empires in the 19th century. To have put some order into all this data, and to have drawn out the cross-cultural patterns and recurrent long-term processes, is a deeply impressive achievement.

London Review of Books...........www.lrb.co.uk

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2013-03-07T11:30:23+03:00 2013-03-07T11:30:23+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1212&p=5876#p5876 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: The signs in the Heavens! The End]]>
Thanking you both for your kind and encouraging words, I feel elated.
I'm impressed by your brave struggle to bring about the socio-political consciousness to slumbering people of this country.
It's really a pleasure to be here with you friends. The Signs in the Heavens is over but not the dream Pakistan, so we should keep placing our ideas in Pak Vision and make it a shining spot. Right now I'm middle of some work but promise to come back with some ideas as to how we all can participate and form the contours of future Pakistan Dream.
Once again very many Thanks!

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2013-03-03T13:55:39+03:00 2013-03-03T13:55:39+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1212&p=5829#p5829 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: The signs in the Heavens! The End]]>
I have to take my hat off you you; superb series, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Your gift for introspection is rare and I feel privileged to have shared this space with you and to have had the chance to be educated by someone who clear knows a thing or two about life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication of your series to all of us friends here at thepakpolitics.com.

I tend not to fire from the hip so it will take me some time to take all of the series in and then perhaps comment on some bit as time permits. Shimatoree Sahib is right to point out that your text was both 'subtle and abstract' and I too hope that your readers would be able to see the rather refined ideas you have put forward.

Brilliant job; I whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone as a hugely worthwhile read.

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2013-03-01T07:16:24+03:00 2013-03-01T07:16:24+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1212&p=5797#p5797 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: The signs in the Heavens! The End]]>
...Well done.........yes very well done.

Now let us see if those that read what you wrote have it in them to comprehend the subtle and abstract notions and ideas you have put forth.

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2013-03-02T06:32:30+03:00 2013-02-27T05:21:44+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1212&p=5777#p5777 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • The signs in the Heavens! The End]]>

I could swear that I saw the mystery man moving in the crowd, staring and smiling at me but before I could rush towards him and inquire about his mysterious disappearance he vanished out of my sight, simply by melting into the crowd. I tried to search him for a while but gave up; well aware that either he had deliberately avoided the contact or it was my mind that was hoaxing me. I hated the mysteries and his sudden, unexpected disappearance was not any exception. However hard I tried I unsuccessful to explain any logical reason for that strange occurrence. Even my friend, who had recommended the mystery man to me, didn’t know much about him and for that reason couldn’t provide me with any valuable information about his whereabouts. I must confess that I had completely failed to throw the man out of my thoughts and mind. Much of that he had revealed to me sounded sense and there was a wish to know more. I was a bit angry with myself for not having patience. I could have gone on waiting till he felt ready to reveal his vision instead of showing my displeasure at the details he wanted me to grasp before he came there. But I realized that there was no point in regretting as he was gone permanently and yet some hope lingered in me, remembering his words that he will come and narrate his vision as he had promised.

I saw him many times, sitting in some buss, standing by some footpath, walking down the road and yet could never get closer to have a chat. I was sure he was just playing with me. One night I met him in a dream, where he came to me and talked to me in a frank manner as he always did. I complained about his sudden disappearance and he smiled agreeing that it wasn’t a right thing to do.
“Why did you do it then?” I asked.
“There’s always some valid reason for every happening.”
“What about your promise to narrate your vision, when will you do that?”
“I have a better idea, perhaps you should watch the movie instead of hearing it from me” he said and gave me something that didn’t look like a video tape.
“Who are you, what’s your name and where have you disappeared?” I asked and he laughed before answering my questions.
“My role is over, so you don’t need to know any of the answers anymore” he warmly shook my hand and disappeared to one direction. I rushed after but kept fumbling around till I gave up and woke up from my dream. The moment I got my consciousness I looked at my hands as if I had expected to find the video tape he gave me in the dream. I was disappointed to look at the empty hands. It looked obvious that I myself had turned weird.

I was walking down the road when I saw two men walking at some distance from me, suddenly a shot was heard and one of the men fell down on the footpath all drenched in his own blood. The other started running for his life but another shot and even he went down licking the grounds. I knew it was my turn next but didn’t want to die. I ran like a wild horse and kept doing that all absorbed in my terrified state of mind. I was desperate to run far away from that horrible spot. For the first time I looked around to see where I was and saw tall buildings set on fire, blood streams flowing and debris spread around everywhere. The entire place looked like familiar and yet I had a great wish to go away from the sinister place. I heard the distressed cries of the people coming from all directions and my heart trembled. Without knowing where I headed to I ran and ran without looking back. There was a sense of emergency and there was no time to stand and understand what went on there. But the scenes of burning city, the bloodstreams, the corpses on the roads and footpaths refused to disappear from my sight. It looked like as the entire city was aflame and the entire population was becoming victim of terror acts. I was getting tired and knew that soon it was my turn to fall a victim but despite terrible condition I kept leaping forward as if in frenzy.
All of a sudden I stumbled and fell down. I looked to the direction and found some youth laying there, staring at me with saddened eyes. I wanted to get back on my feet and rush away but I couldn’t do that. I gave my hand to the youth and tried to raise him on his feet but noticed a strange thing that chilled me so that I shivered. The youth lay there without legs; it seemed as if some cruel person had amputated him. I wanted to run away but was shocked unable to move any further. I got closer and asked as to what went on there. The young kid shook his shoulders and cried bitterly instead of answering my question. “Who did that to you?” I asked.
“They did it” the youth pointed to one direction. Forgetting of my own fears and terrorized heart I looked furiously but found nothing but dark shadows engulfing the entire area. Watching some phantoms roaming about at a distance brought back the sense of emergency and I rushed without even looking at the dying face of the youth, who lay there all deprived of hope. I dared not turn back as it would give me bad conscious and there was no time for such luxury. I wanted to seek some shelter before some cruel forces killed me savagely.

I woke up all drenched in sweat and with heart ponding as I had been physically running around. It was just ten ‘o’clock, so I had not been sleeping for a long time and yet it felt as if ages had passed during that short time. The details of my dream were so clear that I could even describe them to others without any problem. I tried to calm myself down by stressing that it was just a dream. I took some drink and tried to get back to sleep, hoping that the nightmare was over. But the whole night I kept going through one terror after the other, the bomb blasts, infernos, killings, butchering and other such like happenings kept torturing me. I woke up hundreds of time and each time decided to remain awake but was dragged back to slumber, only to witness some horrible happenings. I saw graveyards getting filled to the brim; I saw hundreds of coffins laying in a row and Earth refusing to accept the bodies. A heard a sharp argumentation taking place between the soil and the angel of death, where the soil complained its inability to take care of the dead and the angel of dead feeling the burn of his gigantic task and getting furious by the resistance. It felt like as I had been watching some horror movie with the only difference that a horror movie one could stop at will if it became too nasty and knew that it was just a product of twisted fantasy, which had nothing to do with the reality. I felt bewildered and walked in sorrow, when it started raining. I looked around and saw no place where I could take shelter. It was cold and yet it was warm and soothing rain drops. I wiped off my face and noticed the sticky nature of the rain. I looked again and again at my shaky hands, not believing my eyes. It wasn’t any ordinary rain, it was all blood. I was all drenched in blood, which kept pouring from the skies. I got panicked and rushed like a mad person to be away from that strange happening. It seemed as if millions of living creatures were being slaughtered in the heavens. I cried loudly and wanted the torture to come to an end. Once again I woke up all drenched in the sticky sweat. I swore to myself not to sleep again and looked at the watch. It was just three in the morning and yet I had no lust to fall asleep once again. But despite my efforts I kept dozing and dreaming. In one of these dreams I met the mystery man, who seemed to be sympathetic towards me. I complained to him about the dreams but he reminded me that it was me who had been asking for it. I was confused as his answer didn’t make any sense. When did I ask for these nightmares? He refused to go into details and left waving his hand. His last words echoing in my eardrums,” How is the movie?” I hated that movie and wished it to be over once for all but that movie was to keep torturing me for several more nights. Luckily these nightmares were not to occur during succeeding nights.

The strange thing was that after first few nightmares I had calmed down and had stopped taking those as some real happenings. I knew that the dreams/ nightmares or whatever they were, just couldn’t be rid of and the only possibility for me remained to grasp the message through language of symbols. I wished the mystery man to be there to explain the things that lay beyond my perception but there I was without any help or guidance. Most of the time I had to rely on my own judgment and yet there were sporadic help to understand that what was conveyed. I knew that the burning city of my dream was nothing but my homeland, where the dark forces had launched an all-out attack. Where the chaos, the cruelty and the evil reigned at the moment and the blood of innocents flowed in streams. I knew that youth of my dream stood for the vital energy of my nation, which had been crippled by unseen forces. The gloomy dreams made me more depressed than before, making me regret the decision to seek the vision about Pakistan. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that crazy idea to turn that unpleasant and afflicting.

Three nights in a row I had not have any nightmare and hoped that it was a permanent change but there they were again back in the glory. I could see evil shadows lurking everywhere, the ugly beasts tearing apart the prey. No one was safe, no one was immune and everyone walked with fearful hearts. In these dreams I witnessed the gloom, the decadence and fears licking the souls. I saw dance of death and angels of doom ascending and descending in accordance with the errands they were given. These angels ignored me completely as if I was invisible to them or simply because I was some unimportant spectator that stood there and watched the incredible happenings.
“What happened to these people?” I dared ask one angel. He looked at me and made me shudder. I felt fear creeping in, thinking to have asked some forbidden question.
“Go your way and ask not any questions regarding these people. There are no clear answers, only the Lord knows the truth and those to whom he has given the eyes to see.” The angel answered and was about to ascend when I begged him to explain so that I understood.
“The land of Crescent lives not in accordance to rules set for it and thus the crescent becomes a sharp sword and causes the destruction.”
“Not all could have gone astray.” I reminded him in humble tone.
“Very true but when the tribulations come, even the good suffers. Didn’t I tell you that it’s a complex matter? Look at the faces of the sufferers, do you find any regrets there? No, these are under demonic influences; they are haughty when the pains are taken away and cry and wail, begging for divine interference, when they are touched by evil.” The angel said and shook his head in disbelief and added “We never understood the human heart and perhaps would never be able to do so.”
“There are other nations that do terrible things, why just my nation is being punished?” I asked.
“All nations are mixture of good and bad elements. A nation is only visited by the wrath when the evil become overwhelming. Now I am not the judge and therefore can just assume that the good in your society has been superseded by the evil and thus the troubles you face as a nation.” The way he talked reminded me of the mystery man but I dared not look at the glowing face of the angel.
“What makes us different from other nations of the world? Why only we are being targeted?”
“You ask two questions and I’ll provide you with like many answers. There are many things that differentiate you from the others. You were supposed to be part of forces of light in the final struggle that approaches. But look at yourself; you are the most lost nation on the face of earth.” He kept silent in order to make me feel the pain caused by his sharp words. I noticed that I lacked the courage to speak to the angel and therefore remained silently listening.
“Many are seduced by the matter in this world but your nation has surpassed them all. Your weakness is exploited by your enemies and thus you sell everything for.”
“So it’s for that reason we suffers from the vengeance of God!” I asked.
The angel smiled and looked at me with piercing eyes without uttering a word. I could see his attention was fixed somewhere else.
“No the retribution is not yet, wait with patience and you will even receive that.”
“What’s this then?” I asked pointing towards the suffering people.
“These are the consequences of your wrong choices, so happens to people who can’t separate foes from their friends.”
I wanted to say something but he signed me to hush up and watch instead that what went on there. I saw multitude of people walking in heavy shackles, moaning, drenched in their own blood and yet struggling hard to get where the certain destruction waited for them. They walked in ecstasy and the closer they got to the point of their goal, the blinder they became.
“That’s the illusion supreme, don’t you agree that it’s fantastic. It’s not a scene that enacts often; even the beings like us have to wait eons to witness it” he said without getting excited. Perhaps the angels lacked the capacity to be excited.
“What do you do if you aren’t here to punish us?”
“Some of us are here to witness the madness of the times, others are to help strengthen the hearts of the believers but there are even angels that protect the land from collapsing completely. We are here on command of our Lord and won’t tell who is doing what.”

The angel hovered for a while before vanishing from my sight and I was left with horrible scenes an emptiness embracing me and none to tell me what lay in store.
I woke up and wrote down all I just had dreamt, I had developed new habits and was more organized than before. My writing down the dreams while they still were fresh eliminated the danger of forgetting some important detail or losing them completely as had been the case before. I sat there on the bed and tried to understand what I had seen and heard. I knew that the angels could have sprung from my vivid imagination but then since when I had the claims to have a bright fantasy. It was obvious that the dreams were part of the same series, I had dreaded for some time now. I tried to figure out what kind of enemies were exploiting our weaknesses for material things and I couldn’t think of anything else than the great Satan that our leaders bowed to and in return got their alms from. This devil had corrupted us with the stink of the currency notes and to that extent that we felt no stench anymore. The great Devil along with the petty devils had their agents in every street of our country, which could kill others, shoot down anyone and even explode themselves on orders of their masters.
I saw two men holding something in their hands; I became curious and wanted to know what it was. I got closer and noticed that they were holding the letter S with two horns sticking out. These both men held it the letter very tight as if it was something precious. I was about to walk away when one of the men turned to me and asked if I had seen anything that wonderful before in my life. I just smiled at the question as it was nothing but a letter made of hardboard.
“They got furious when I told them what I thought. How could I call it simple hardboard? Was I blind to notice its glitter, its beauty and its enormous worth? Seeing my sarcastic smile the both men looked agitated as if I had insulted them. I moved away to avoid the trouble.
“Did you notice that they were bewitched?” another stranger asked from me, who had come from nowhere.
“What’s so special with that letter?” I asked. The man without a face whispered.
“That’s Satan with two horns, when these two connect these two upside down the symbol is completed and the power of devil is transferred and thus the illusion.” However hard I tried I failed to understand that what the man wanted to convey. I looked at the sky and saw millions of such symbols there, shining like stars in the heaven and multitudes striving hard to get them. I could see that these were not real stars but some shining balloons filled with hot air.
“Why these people don’t see the reality?” I wondered but found no answer.
I came to a bazar and saw people running around with paper bills in their hands. They all were stressed, both the shopkeepers and the customers. Their hectic activities gave me unease. It seemed as if they all knew that some cataclysm was on way and they wanted to spend and earn some money before they perished. Suddenly I detect the cause of the panic; the paper bills glowed and gave heat, making it impossible for the holder of that stuff to hold them for long. I wonder about the glow and got even closer to find out the real cause of the glow and notice that these bills are on fire, which consumed them at times slowly and at others very rapidly. The discovery solved the mystery and I smiled, knowing the exact reason of the panicky transactions, they all knew that the fire was consuming the paper they used to trade things with.
“Why no one tried to extinguish the fire instead of running around in panic?” I wondered but found no answers. I looked at the dark sky and found the shining S with horns on both sides and wondered how long the people were to remain blind about the reality of that illusion, but woke up from that dream. The Rupee on fire, the devilish symbol and the rest was still fresh in my mind. I was astonished to find out that the symbol couldn’t have been anything else than the Dollar, with an S having two horns on both ends, connected with each other to confuse the reality. I needed some wise person to interpret my dream but the mystery man wasn’t there to answer my questions.

It had been a hectic week at work and therefore I used to sleep late and wake up early, simply because I couldn’t afford to be ineffective. My peculiar dreams had come to an end and I felt relieved instead of missing those. I had no wish to go back to such dreaming period again. If that was a vision, I had had enough of such. At times I hated everything and my job and my boss were in that list as well as he was nothing less than a slave driver.
When I came back from the work, I didn’t have the energy to sit and watch TV. That day I had even skipped the usual window shopping. Perhaps a cup of tea would help, I thought and sat on a kitchen table to drink it I saw two people standing by my side, talking to each other, they were busy discussing some serious topic. I tried hard to listen but couldn’t make any sense of that what they discussed. Did I know those people, were they my friends, my neighbors or were simply some strangers? I tried again and again but gave up as I was too tired to determine anything. It was obvious that my brain was deprived of lucidity at the moment. What these people did in my kitchen, I wondered but stopped caring when I kept sinking in some fog. Kitchen table, the strangers, their conversation and the rest slowly slipped away from my consciousness, perhaps I was falling asleep.
Once again I was experiencing the dreadful scenes of the early nightmares. I kept witnessing swarthy dark atmospheres, bloodstreams, infernos, mass graves, graveyards and the other horrible things that reminded me the prevailing situation of my motherland. I saw suffering people, young, elderly, children, and women and knew that there was no hope for those. I sat depressed and felt like crying but found no tears as if they too had dried up, like the ample resources of my homeland. All our energy resources had vanished like a mirage except the suffering of the people, which had magnified thousand fold. I was deeply distressed when I heard a sound of trumpet coming from afar. The sound was enthralling and soothing, I wanted it to continue as it took my attention from the things that depressed me. The sound of the trumpet got closer and closer till it sounded as if it was coming from where I sat. The sounds were no longer soothing or hope invoking but were harsher and gave me bad vibrations. A wave of terror made me shiver, as I could feel some new calamity approaching.
The sound of trumpet stopped and a shrill voice was heard.
“Hear you all with the ears, time for evil to flourish is concluded, a time for reckoning originates. The great Judge comes to give the justice.” The sound of his words reverberating in the air, he resumed the beating of the trumpet. I sat with an open mouth, wondering the significance of his words, but there was no clue as to what the sound implied. Who could that be making such wild claims? No sane person in that God forsaken country was left, who could imagine a real change coming. There was no hope left and no dreams were fostered in the hearts of the citizens of this wretched land, a home of sorrow. The sound of the trumpet and the caller continued, getting farther and farther away till it disappeared completely.
I looked towards the east and saw darkness giving way and knew that it was dawning. So at long last the glorious morning was to be born from the womb of sky, I felt happy. I waited in anticipation and did witness the wonderful sunrise. The only thing that disturbed me was the colour of the sun, which was blood red. It took some time before it got its normal shine and glory and I wondered what that had for significance. I heard the trumpet once again but this time I could even see the face of the caller, who was tall and thin with a bright face.
“Come and witness the justice being done
Come and see what becomes of those who sell their virtues
Come and witness the retributions give to the traitors
Come and observe, it’s all for free”
Right before my eyes lay a large field, where millions of guilty stood enchained, moaning, crying and begging for mercy but the stern judge sat adamantly. The time for repentance had long passed; it was now time for his decree to pass. The crowds stood and waited for the verdicts and jubilated each time the judge passed his judgments. The guilty ones stood in shame and regrets and saw no escape routes open to them. A list was handed down to me, I read with disbelief.
…. thousands of Politicians
…. thousands of Bureaucrats
…. thousands of Army officers
…. thousands of Judges
…. thousand landlords
…. thousands of businessmen
…. thousand Mullahs
…. thousand terrorists
…. thousands of officials
…. thousand journalists
…. thousands of policemen
…. thousand embezzlers
It was difficult for me to read the exact numbers but could see that there was hardly a section not included there in the list. Doctors, Engineers, Industrialists, Teachers, different Mafias and others were all among the guilty one.
All in all two hundred thousand guilty ones were to be killed instantly, just the worst criminals. The petty criminals, the lower rank officials were given a last warning to better or die if they were caught again. The huge number shocked me and yet I knew that that was the only way to get rid of the disease permanently, the body of our motherland needed to flush all the incurable cells out. The criminals were to be hanged publically; the dead ones were to be digging out from their resting places to receive the symbolic hanging. It seems no one was to get away unpunished and long last the justice prevailed.
I saw the scum disappearing from the face of my motherland and when I looked at the sky the sun was shining brighter and brighter. I couldn’t see the face of the judge but knew that he was the pure that suited the land of pure and that was enough a knowledge for me.
I saw multitudes coming in from all directions, white clothed, with glow and confidence on their faces and wondered who those were. These carried their belongings with them, which showed they had come from afar.
Suddenly I saw the mystery man and rushed towards him. Looking at me, he smiled broadly.
“See with your own eyes that God has blessed us, days of our misery are now passed.”
“Who are these people that keep streaming in from all directions?” I asked.
“These are the builders of new Pakistan, brought from the all corners of the earth, where they had been placed to wait for the day. These are the men, women and children equipped with the tools of determination and skills needed for the gigantic task of building a land worth its name.” He told me proudly.
“Can these achieve the task single handedly?”
“Why should they be lonely in their work, every single patriot will assist them and thus learn something new,” he said confidently.
“What will become next?” I asked.
“You had been given the possibility to learn about the grander plan but you insisted on knowing just a part, so wait with patience till it unfolds itself in due time.”
“Please forgive me my stupidity and do show me more.” I begged.
“Don’t you know that opportunities are not given again, if once denied?”
“Who are you sir?” I asked.
“I am that what you call me, a mystery man” he laughed.
I was still begging when I heard the phone bell. I opened my eyes and looked around in a confused manner and felt bewildered to realize that I had been just dreaming, or was that just a dream? I could have sworn that it was the most lucid happening that I had ever witnessed in my life. I stretched my hand and took the cup of tea, which was still hot.

Even though everything is same as before, nothing bothers me any longer after those strange meetings with the mystery man and the dreams that followed his disappearance. I’m still perplexed and can’t find any natural and logical explanations to the occurrences that took place and yet I’m a different person than before. I know that I can never learn to believe in the dreams as if they were real; some part of me was ever to doubt every single thing that can’t be explained rationally. The strangeness surrounding mystery man is to haunt me for long time and yet he has taught me many new lessons. He has given me deeper understanding about the things I had not paid any interest or simply was ignorant about. The biggest lesson for me was to be patient if I was ever to come in the familiar situation.
I still don’t know, who is to lead us out of the dire situation, who is the stern judge, capable of passing the right judgments, and how this all would be brought about but I do believe that the time is approaching us when all this will come to happen. I am sure that there exist millions and millions that hanker for a change and certainly that demand will be matched by stepping forward of the needed leader. If it is someone we know or is someone entirely unknown to us, matters not, as long as the person is capable to deliver and holds the characteristics of a great leader.
The mystery man has succeeded teaching me that Pakistan is not an island, it does stand in integral relationship with the world around and that everything is interwoven into each other. I have also learnt to go little deeper in the happenings and find out what they entail beyond the surface. I have to confess that I’m not a diver and for that reason can’t go much deeper but do get pleasure in mere trying to get better understanding of the things. Jesus, Mehdi and the Messiah remain alien to my realities and yet I have started seeing the matter somewhat differently. I don’t belong to the people who expect the imminent emergence of these as something inevitable but if it did occur in my life time, I won’t be belonging to those that would be rejecting them. I am sure I would give them a fair chance to prove their legitimacy. I am sure that the mystery man had some reason for bringing all details to my consciousness but I had blown the possibility by being imprudent. There were no clues as to if the needed change was brought about by some democratic process or the judge came through some other means. The colour red could be a symbol of some bloodshed/revolution but it was less likely, considering the performance of unthinking masses throughout the ages. Weren’t we just Ghulam, ibne-Ghulam, self-seeking impotent force, or was I simply too hard on helpless people of this country? A country that allows criminals like Zia, Ayub, Musharaf and Zardari to come and rule, doesn’t deserve the sympathy of others. I do hope that the vision was not just my wishful thinking but will come true soon.
I read in the news that the present Pope is resigning, bringing the last Pope (according to the prophecy) in focus. We hear about the finger of God pointing to the Peter’s Cathedral, in confirmation to the prediction of St Malachi. In a short time we will know if really it would be Peter that takes the conrol of the sinking ship of Catholicism or not. The choosing of the Peter would be another amazing happening. The rolls of China, USA, and Russia along with GB, France and Germany are clearly defined in the plans regarding future but I can’t narrate those to you, simply because I have blown the chances of getting there. The only thing I can say with surety is that we indeed live in some amazing times. If you don’t get CNG, Electricity, Petrol or other commodities, don’t cry, the days of the present government are numbered. If you are forced to bow to the pressures and thus have abandoned your morals and principles, the coming one may forgive your sins, as the petty crimes committed for bare survival can be forgiven, if a deep regrets and repentance is there. If on the other hand, you have committed greater crimes in order to appease the strong instincts of Greed and vanity, you risk a great danger of getting caught and accounted for your deeds. Regardless of what your conscience tells you, we are convinced that you have been a bunch of losers, without even knowing it. All the riches you have collected aren’t going to save you from the dire consequences. Don’t expect anyone to feel sympathy for you, you simply don’t deserve it. All the brothers and sisters that endure with patience and steadfastness need to be congratulated for their bravery in face of impossible conditions. I remembered someone saying in one of my dreams that the personal gratifications always brought unhappiness or some disaster at the end, while the selfless serving brought unfailing rewards. The enemies of Pakistan sit in all important positions and seek its internal collapse but the intense attempts simply can’t succeed. The enemies of our motherland should know that we are here to stay, if our visionaries are to be believed in.
Last but not least I thank Mirza Ghalib, Stingingnettle and Shimatoree and SEM for their whole-hearted support and encouragement. I dedicate the entire series to these friends and like-mind souls that share many of my views, ideals and seek the best for the country.
I’m positive that many out there also have dreams regarding Pakistan but are reluctant to share those with us. No dream is insignificant, no vision can be futile, come forward and share it with us, and we will be eagerly waiting to hear those from you.
I even thank the handful readers that showed the interest in reading, The signs in the Heavens.
May God bless you all!
Pakistan, Zindabad!

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2013-02-26T21:12:57+03:00 2013-02-26T21:12:57+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1207&p=5775#p5775 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: The signs in the Heavens! 40]]> Just read and pass your judgment, whenever you feel for it.
Thanks for showing an interest and encouraging and inspiring me.

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2013-02-26T19:29:35+03:00 2013-02-26T19:29:35+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1207&p=5772#p5772 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: The signs in the Heavens! 40]]> Statistics: Posted by Mirza Ghalib — Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:29 pm

2013-02-26T11:45:37+03:00 2013-02-26T11:45:37+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1207&p=5765#p5765 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • The signs in the Heavens! 40]]> “See you next time.” I said feeling some unease due to his strange smile. He kept silent and gave me an envelope and asked me to not read it before I came home. I didn’t like the idea but had to promise before I left from there. By the time I came home, I had almost forgotten that his envelope lay in my pocket. I took it out and opened it ardently and started reading it. There was some kind of message for me, which I wished to read as fast as possible. The short message made me disappointed.

“I know I have been talking about the things you would have preferred to avoid listening but I couldn’t help telling you all if you were to understand. Even though there is still much to narrate that what’s related, seeing your lack of interest, I’ve decided to terminate the further meetings. From now on I wouldn’t be available and yet my promise to narrate about my vision withstands. I have to figure out yet how I am to narrate it, so have patience. Take good care///// your sincerely”
I read the message and smiled nervously. “No way, you can’t withdraw so easily, especially after consuming so much of my precious time in trivialities.”
I slept without worrying about anything and called him the first thing in the morning when I woke up. He used to be an early riser but there was no answer to my calls. I was not to give up, I kept trying his home number, his office number and mobile but strangely no one was answering. I was free that day from the office, so I decided to drive to his office. When I went there the receptionist was talking on the phone and for that reason held me waiting for a while. When she finally came to where I sat waiting and asked what I wanted, I told her to tell his boss that I wished to see him. She asked if I had any appointment, I shook my head. She looked a bit indecisive but went back to her desk and called her boss. After a brief conversation she hung up, came to my direction and led me to the office I had been few times earlier. A bulky, bald, middle aged man stared at me with unpleasant eyes. He was rather rude by not showing me any courtesy.
“I have come to see your boss, where is he” I was confused.
“I’m the boss; there is no one else here. What’s the name of the fellow you look for?” The man said arrogantly. I told him that I didn’t know the name but tried my best to describe the mystery man. I told him that I had been in his office few times and had had conversation with the man I looked for but the bulky man seemed to be not interested.
“Look, I have important matters to take care of, so don’t waste my time.”
“How long have you had this office?” I asked thinking that the mystery man had sold the office in the meantime.
“This office is here from the last twenty years, why?” he looked irritated and I saw no point in keep talking to that unpleasant person. Without saying anything more I turned and left his office, all surprised.
I was not in best of my moods and wanted to meet the mystery man face to face and inquire what the purpose of the joke was. I rang on the door but no response. After trying many times I was about to go my way when I heard someone approaching the gate. It was some elderly man whom I had never met before. I inquired about the mystery man and he looked as he didn’t understand anything. I explained in detail about the man I had been coming and visiting there from the last several weeks or perhaps months. The old man looked confused before telling me that the house belonged to a family that had moved abroad one year ago and except him, the watchman, no one lived there.
“You must be a lousy watchman, if someone has been living and entertaining his guests here. How could you not notice our presence in the house? Are you a kind of blind or are you an addict and remain high all the time?” I was very hard on the poor man, who just looked bewildered at me. I was merciless, taking all my frustration on the poor old man.

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2013-02-25T10:36:20+03:00 2013-02-25T10:36:20+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1204&p=5749#p5749 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • The signs in the Heavens! 39]]> “So you think that the divine also mislead?” I felt anger.
“Haven’t you read the holy book, where it’s clearly warned that God shows the right path to whomever he pleases to and leads astray to whomever he wills to?” he said smilingly.
“What could have God profited by misguiding someone?”
“I’m not God, so I wouldn’t be able to give you the right answer but there could be many reasons. It could be to ridicule the person in question; it could be to show his displeasure for the individual involved. But it could be equally to keep the expectation alive among the believers. It could be a test for people’s judgments and faith,” he had a lot of possible reasons for such scenario. According to him for centuries the Muslims had been spared the people who caused schism and dissonance among the believers. But in nineteenth century there appeared few individuals that shook Islam. First the appearance of Bab ullah in Iran, which was followed by Baha’ullah, who proclaimed to be the personification of the one all religions had been waiting for. The second occurrence took place in British India, where Ghulam Ahmed Qadian came up with some bizarre claims. He was the first Muslim, who stated that he was Mehdi, Marry and Jesus, all in one. Many Muslims blamed the British for encouraging this miscreant but perhaps that had more to do with the natural suspicion against the colonial masters than to do with the truth. Perhaps the man was inspired by the spread of Baha’ism and thus sought some personal glorification. Despite so many of the prophecies of Ghulam Ahmed never came true, he was able to attract quite many adherents. Many saw him as Jesus, some believed him to be Mehdi and yet the Lahorite group pronounced him to be a reformer, (a Mujadid).
“There are millions of Ahmadis’ in the world today, so what could be the purpose of such fallout of Islam?” I wanted to understand.
According to him even though Mirza was a confused man, he had been able to attract the people with spiritual yearnings, who not only became inspired by the belief of following Mehdi and Jesus but also believed to have found the salvation. This conviction gave these people new fervor and turned them closer to the deity than the mainstream believers that saw no reason to press ahead more earnestly.
“What could be the use, if they were misled?”
“It’s never easy to understand the divine purpose and plan. Who knows what these strayed sheep would be accomplishing in days to come. Seeing the mistakes of their forefathers they may repent and come back to the true fold of their religion. Believe me if it takes place they would prove more learned and valuable than the mainstream believers,” he said and looked deep into my eyes to see the reaction.
“Why they should be better than the others?” I protested.
“Once bitten twice shy,” he said calmly and went on. “These people are more inclined to their belief than most of us, who have forgotten the true adherence to the faith.” He believed that most of the Muslims did practice the rituals but those were empty, they did pray but most of the time it was a habitual act, a lip service and thus the light of faith (Iman) was in best cases only some flickering spark. He thought that the time Ahmadis were to return into Islam’s fold once again, they were to be more exemplary Muslims than the rest, what he based his such notions upon, he never explained and I was determined not to take his words on their face value.
“What if they don’t come back? What if they went astray for good?”
“The probability is little, as they would see with their own eyes that Jesus and Mehdi couldn’t return if they had already been here in shape of Ghulam Ahmad. Witnessing the truth won’t leave any doubts in them but to embrace it. Of course some would reject the truth and wouldn’t return but then these would be the losers and we shouldn’t be concerned for such.”
“You mean these people will realize that the man was an imposter!”
“No, I never said that, as you may know an imposter is someone deliberately lying, but you have to find a better term for the one who believes that falsehood is the only truth.” He went on and concluded that as long as there were religions around we could expect people to come with the claims of all kind in the name of the deity. According to him all faiths awaited some special one to come with the salvation. Hindus awaited the last avatar of Vishnu, the Kalki lord, while the Buddhists looked for Lord Maitrya. The Shia believed that their lost Imam will return one day, while the rest of the Muslims awaited Mehdi. Could that be possible that they all were waiting for the one and the same personality? If not the world was to swarm of all these holy men at some future date. As long as the advent/advents didn’t take place there were to be claims of being Mehdi, Jesus or Messiah.

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2013-02-24T11:51:48+03:00 2013-02-24T11:51:48+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1200&p=5735#p5735 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • The signs in the Heavens! 38]]>
The mystery man looked serious as he kept struggling with his thoughts, trying hard to find the appropriate words that could convey his contemplation to me in somewhat easy manner. I anticipated some serious stuff and got relaxed when realized that he was about to talk about religion once again. But this time his intention was just to talk about the people, who had claims of having contact with the divine. The incarnated gods, the Apostles, the Prophets, the Seers, were just few of the names given to these people that emerged from nowhere and revealed many secrets and gave their interpretations of the truth, before disappearing in some foggy hereafter. If these individuals did come from the divine or not could never be known or confirmed by those whom they came to. These peculiar claims not always invoked respect and awe of people around. These self-proclaimed messengers of the deity could be ridiculed by the society they came to and were even at times tortured and even killed for preaching something those societies didn’t like.
The people were always skeptical, demanding proofs, asking for miracles and divine powers that could erase all kind of doubts. But despite the great burden of responsibility placed on these individuals, they had remained human and therefore depended upon the divine help in convincing the authenticity of their office or mission. We simply lack the tools to judge the truth as to what made these beings to step forward and proclaim some new faith or to reform the existing one. The same goes for the possibility to judge if these human beings did have connection with the divine or simply were deluded or did all for some vanity or for some worldly gain. The mystery of the Deity is as profound as it had been millions of years ago.
The fragments of the truth lay spread in the scriptures of the religions but also in the philosophical ponderings of all times. What made the stories of religious books better than the pagan myths, we may wonder and can come to the conclusion that we have no choices but to believe in that what we had been told by those beings that claimed to have known the truth or were given the insight into the mysteries. The human history was full of such beings that brought or tried to bring the illumination to us. These concepts, these doctrines did help us grow in our spirit but the question had remained unanswered as to if these did represent the divine or were simply driven by their own vivid fantasy. Even if we do believe these personalities to have come from some higher source, then the question arises as to why certain of these individuals succeeded in their missions, while the others with such claims miserably failed, bringing some disaster upon them, as the fate of these messengers had not been glorious as history tells us.
We could have left the question of authenticity a matter between the claimer and the one that sent these emissaries had these beings nothing to do with us. But in reality these had been touching and influencing all the human endeavours and thus making it vital for us to know the truth. They could alter our spiritual journeys by making us go astray or guiding us to our destinations. So the difference between a genuine spiritual leader and a false one mattered a lot for people. Though we need to remember that the difference stayed important only and only for those, who believed in divine interference and guidance, the rest rejected the entire concept as a hoax or superstition. I could see that the topic wasn’t easy for him to discuss with me, especially when it could bring us to some points of disagreement. I was already feeling agitated about the need to question the authenticity of the prophets. Hadn’t these great personalities suffered enough at the hands of disbelievers? Didn’t they always come with some authority and credentials given by the sender? Weren’t they received the power to perform miracles, so that people could get certain about the genuineness of those with the claims?

“Why do we need to discuss if these messengers were genuine or false?” I asked politely but firmly.
“It’s important for us to know simply because the knowledge will hinder us from falling in some traps or ditches” he said and quickly added that he was looking at the question from the angle of controversial claims of those, who failed to convince the majority of their fellow beings of their truthfulness. He reminded me about his promise to discuss the Qadiyani question and it was exactly that he was aiming at the moment.
Jesus Christ had promised to his followers that a comforter will they receive and described how that personality would be looking like. So the Jews and Christians knew that our Prophet was the promised one and yet they denied him. Prophet Mohammad PBUH was the last messenger and therefore none was to come after him and that fact was told very loud and clear. But did that help people of different times to come with the claims of prophethood, of course not. Right after his death there appeared people with such claims and the Caliphs had to deal with those imposters.
“If Jews and Christians had stopped coming with new claimants of prophethood, then why such people appeared in Islam where the end of the prophethood had been clearly announced?” I was confused.
“No, your assertion is not true, I can give you many examples of such claimants even in Christianity but let’s not waste our time and move to the question regarding Muslims,” he was straight forward. “As we believe that God is infallible, so the only possibility remains is that God deliberately left the loophole regarding the end of prophethood. The mentioning of the second coming of Jesus by both Islam and Christianity opened the doors for such claimants that appeared during different times and perhaps would keep doing so till the promised happening really takes place” he wasn’t hard to such pretenders as he saw the matter more complex than we ordinary people did.

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2013-02-23T14:15:25+03:00 2013-02-23T14:15:25+03:00 https://thepakpolitics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1197&p=5730#p5730 <![CDATA[Pak Vision • Re: The signs in the Heavens! 37]]> I stand firm in my belief that we aren't far from the turning point, even though our perceptions differ in details.
God willing, in a few days time I'll conclude the series, as I have to attend some other matters for some time.
Thanks for taking interest in the writings, I should have done it at the beginning but better late than never, I'm going to dedicate the entire series to you, SN, Shim and other friends on this blog.

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